Epaulettes Now Part of Cadet Dress

Photo by: Capt Yvette Grygoryev – Public Affairs Officer

Caption: Five proud members of D Division showing off their new green epaulettes. L-R are: OCdt. Pouliot, OCdt. Lane, OCdt. Léonard, OCdt. Findlater-Hache and OCdt. Poulin of D Div

New epaulettes for the Divisional level of command – WWI Connection

By: 25941 OCdt (IV) Daniil Sviajine

On Tuesday August 20 2013, RMCC introduced new epaulettes for the Divisional level of command. These new epaulettes are intended to promote Divisional cohesion and esprit de corps, provide a visual distinction for Divisional leadership and to provide recognition of the Division level as a legitimate and credible command level within the Cadet Wing. There is a historical precedent for the choice of the colors as the new epaulettes use the same colors that the Canadian Divisions wore during World War I, 1st Cdn Div- Red, 2nd Cdn Div-Blue, 3rd Cdn Div- French Grey and 4th Cdn Div-Green. The diamond shape of the patches is to differentiate between the Divisional level from the Squadron level (square patch) currently used at RMCC, and the Divisional patches will not have any year indication. Below are better images of the new epaulettes.

A Div Flash with 4 bars B Div Flash with 3 bars C Div Flash without bars D Div Flash without bars



  • Paul Crober

    August 26, 2013 at 10:38 am

    I am a bit dated in this but I am assuming that a Division comprises several (two?) squadrons each? What rank lank commands Divisions?

    Paul Crober

  • Lt(N) Rob Medeiros

    August 26, 2013 at 11:27 am

    A division is comprised of 3 Sqns. A Capt would be a Sqn Commander while a Division Commander would be a Maj/LCdr. At the Cadet level, a Cadet Divisional Leader (CDL)would be a 4th year.

  • Dave Wightman

    August 26, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    And what cadet rank bar does the Cadet Division Leader wear? Is it the same as a CSL(4 bars) and if so what is the difference between the two. Does the CDL have authority over the CSL? It’s time for a full article on cadet command structure and rank insignia Bill. For that matter include all uniform badges and insignia please.
    3334 Dave Wightman

  • 5543 Jim Butler

    August 26, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Why has the additional level of a division been added? RMC is not a combat organization that needs a 3:1 structure for combat flexibility. Most organizations are trying to flatten not fatten their hierarchy.

  • Maxime Rivard

    August 31, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    Unless it changed this year and from what I can remember (I graduated May 13) if someone knows better feel free to correct me,

    A CDL (Cadet Division Leader)has 4 bars and has 5 staff officers:
    A DCDL (Deputy CDL) 3 bars, 4th year
    a CDTO (Cadet divisional Training Officer)3 bars, 4th year
    a CDAdO (Cadet Divisional Admin Officer)3 bars, 4th year
    a CDOpsO (CD-Operations Officer) 3 bars, 4th year
    and a CDSTdsO (CD- Standards Officer) which if I remember correctly is also a 3 bars, 3rd or 4th year.

    3 CSLs are under a CDL and 4 CDLs are under the CWC.The CDAdOs/CDTOs and CDOpsOs have 2 separate CoC (the direct going to the CDL and the staff chain going to their wing level supervisors and down their sqn counterparts).

    Before the addition of the diamond shaped flap, they might have worn the white and red HQ flaps I can’t remember.

    Now was it really a necessary/useful addition?
    In the everyday life of the average cadet, it did not change much. Where I believe it helped is on the admin side where wing level staffs don’t have to speak to the 12 CSLs/AdOs/TOs/DCSLs. Otherwise, I don’t remember anyone explaining to me or the wing exactly why we went with the div system. From what I heard from the top 4 who decided to put it in place, they were more or less pushed towards accepting a div level without understanding how it would impact the wing. Cadets like to make fun about the fact that because of all the new bar positions approx 1 in 3 Ocdt(all years included) is now a barmen.

    Quite frankly, the cadets thought it was a way for the milwing (now training wing) to create more bar positions to facilitate everyone getting a junior/senior bar position under the new training plan.

    This should answer the questions from Mr. Wightman and Mr. Butler. If someone notices that I gave an information that is no longer valid, please correct it as I would like to know too.