“E’s and G’s” – The “Other” Graduates of RMC

“E’s and G’s” – The “Other” Graduates of RMC

Caption: A few of the staff who support the E’s and G’s: Mélanie Loft, DCS; Dr. Pierre Jolicoeur, Poli Sci Dept, Nicole Boissioneault, DCS; Major Helga Grodzinski, DCS; Nicole Berube, DCS and MG&E Dept; Dr. Mohsen Ferchichi, Mechanical Engineering & Aerospace and Associate Dean of Grad Studies

“E’s and G’s” – The “Other” Graduates of RMC

Article by 15566 Helga Grodzinski

At convocation on Thursday afternoon, you may have noticed several people, clad not in scarlet, but in CAF uniform or civvies, receiving degrees along with the ROTP cadets. These graduates, distinguished by the E and G designations which precede their college numbers, graduated with RMC graduate and undergraduate degrees through RMC’s Division of Graduate Studies and Division of Continuing Studies.

These students can be officers fulfilling their obligation to obtain an undergraduate degree, NCMs who wish to further their education as part of their professional development, or CAF family members seeking the opportunities afforded by higher education. The programs are also available to international students.

RMC offers graduate degrees (the G students) at the Masters and PhD level in Arts, Science and Engineering through the Division of Graduate Studies. These graduate degrees are often sponsored by the CAF to develop expertise in specific operational areas and involved cutting-edge research in their fields. Degrees in Engineering and Science are generally delivered to students on campus, while RMC also offers graduate degrees online – Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration and Masters and PhD in War Studies. Many ex-cadets are among the graduate students and many of them in turn go on to teach ROTP cadets, as well as make significant contributions to CAF operational effectiveness with the knowledge they have attained.

RMC also offers undergraduate degrees (the E students)—the Bachelor of Military Arts and Science (BMASc) and General Bachelor of Arts to CAF members, their families and other Canadian government employees. Online is the primary mode of delivery, although some of these students attend classes alongside the ROTP cadets. In specific instances, with Departmental permission, ROTP cadets can take online courses through the Division of Continuing Studies to resolve scheduling issues or make up missing credits.

RMC degrees through the Division of Graduate Studies and the Division of Continuing Studies are competitively priced and designed to give priority to the needs of CAF members, accounting for and catering to their unique life circumstances.

RMC’s graduate and continuing education students are an important part of the multi-hued fabric of RMC. The College Community and the ROTP cadet experience is enriched by the presence–physical and virtual–of these students, the development of these courses and the involvement of RMC Faculty in teaching them.

The “E’s and G’s” are indeed proud RMC grads; and along with ROTP graduates, are eligible for membership in the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada.


  • John Rutherford

    May 23, 2017 at 10:54 am

    I graduated from RMC in Chemical Engineering in 1956. The College has certainly changed since I was a Recruit.

    In particular, it makes me very proud to see so many serving officers and men earning academic qualifications of various sorts from RMC. It seems to me that this change has made RMC more effective in providing a military education for today’s military.

    Congratulations to all graduates.

  • Ken Clupp

    May 24, 2017 at 7:10 am

    Amongst the ROTPs in CF uniforms are a small number of NCMs who have earned their way into RMC to earn their degree and become officers. They attend classes and participate in the myriad of activities that form the other pillars of RMC life alongside their ROTP classmates. UTPNCM (or UTs as we call ourselves) have “M” college numbers.
    M0693 Ken Clupp (RMC 1996)