Ex Cadet Retirements


  • 15562 Michel Perreault (RMC 1986); and
  • 15774 Joe Fernandes CD (CMR RMC 1987)


15562 Major Michel Perreault (RMC 1986) will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces after 34 years of service, with his last day at work on 8 April 2016. Major Joseph Pascal Michel (Boom Boom) Perreault, was born and raised in the small village of Bic, QC and joined the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) on 28 May 1982 in Rimouski, as an Artillery Officer. Didn’t he know that he would travel a fair bit in the early years of his career? After his Basic Officer Training Course in Chilliwack, BC he ended up at the Royal Military College of Kingston, where for the next four years he worked his brain off to obtain a Bachelor Engineering degree in Fuels and Materials Engineering. Freshly commissioned as a 2Lt in May 1986, he travelled to Gagetown to complete his Artillery Officer training (phase 4) and soon after was posted for the first time to 5 Régiment d’Artillerie Légère du Canada (5 RALC) in Valcartier, QC.

Two weeks after his arrival in Valcartier, he deployed to Norway for exercise BRAVE LION for a period of 7 weeks as a Reconnaissance and Command Post Officer with Q Battery (Q Bty). Lt Perreault served in different positions within Q Bty, culminating as the Gun Position Officer before moving on to the Command and Services Battery (C&S Bty) as the Assistant Operations Officer. During this first posting with 5 RALC, he completed the Command Post Officer (CPO) and Forward Observation Officer (FOO) courses. He deployed with the Regt on OP SNOWGOOSE in Cyprus from Nov 87 to Mar 88 and participated in Exercise RENDEZ-VOUS (RV 89) in Suffield and Wainwright, in the spring of 1989. Promoted Captain at the end of RV 89, he was then posted to College Militaire Royal de St-Jean, where he served as Squadron Commander for Joliet Squadron (#3 Squadron) for a period of two years. In the summer 1991, he returned to 5 RALC as a Troop Commander and FOO with X Bty and participated on exercises MEDECINE MAN in Suffield, AB with British Troops in the Fall of 91 and RV92, the last RV exercise for the CAF. Over a two year period (91-93), he also served as Battery Kaptain (BK) for X and R Bty, and attended the Intermediate Tactics Course followed by the Artillery Staff Duties course in Gagetown (Sep to Dec 92) prior to undergo the Army Staff Officer course in Kingston from Jan to Jun 93.

In Jun 93, he was posted as a Recruiting Officer and later production Officer at the Quebec city Recruiting Centre until 1996. Following his recruiting duties, he is once again back at 5 RALC as BK with C&S Bty for pre-deployment training for OP STABLE in Haiti. He deployed to Haiti in Oct 96 and after 3 weeks, moved on to the position of BK for R Bty, responsible for all patrolling within the Port-au-Prince Canadian sector. Upon his return in Apr 97, he took on the duties of BK with Q Bty and in Sep 98, he assumed the Interim Command of the Bty for a period of 9 months.; there he trained different units from 5 Brigade for their individual pre-deployment training to Bosnia.

Capt Perreault was posted to NDHQ in Jun 99 within Director General Military Careers (DGMC) as a staff officer responsible for drugs and alcohol administrative reviews for two years. Promoted to Major in Jun 2001, he returned to the 5 RALC in Valcartier to assume the Command of X Bty for two years, mainly developing and training his personnel in their skills on mortars fire as well as gun fire in preparation for future deployment to Bosnia or elsewhere. In 2003, he was posted as officer in charge of ranges and training areas for Valcartier, Farnham and St-Bruno for a period of three years.

In 2006, he was posted back to NDHQ within DGMC as the Artillery Officer Career Manager. This is where Maj Perreault used his interpersonal skills to shape the careers of many officers within the Artillery. After three years as Career Manager, he spent one year at the Canadian Forces Warfare Center in Shirley’s Bay, as Jet Alpha Team leader responsible for experimentation on Command & Control enablers for the CAF. He returned to DGMC as the Coordinator for the Army Combat Arms Career Managers, a position he held for four years (2010 – 2014). In Jul 2014, he was posted to Chief Force Development (CFD) within the Directorate of Structure Integration and has since worked within the Lean HQ team (DSI 7).

Although Maj Perreault has been quite busy over this 34 year career, he has always found some time to play sports. For many years, he played hockey and baseball at the Regimental level. He also continued to refine his golf skills and played at the Regional, National and CISM level representing the CAF throughout his career. So it is on 8 April 2016, that Maj Perreault is set to retire from the Canadian Armed Forces after a long and highly distinguished career in service to Canada.

Major Michel Perreault and his spouse Kathleen O’Leary are currently living in Barrhaven. He plans to move out West and spend most of his retirement time playing on the links and travelling.

A Departure with Dignity and farewell luncheon will be held on 8 Apr 2016 for Maj Perreault.


15774 LCol Joe Fernandes CD (CMR RMC 1987), AERE 00185 will retire from the Canadian Armed Forces on 15 September 2016, after completing 34 years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada and to the Royal Canadian Air Force. His last day in uniform will be 1 April 2016. LCol Joe Fernandes enrolled in the Canadian forces in 1982 and attended CMR in St Jean. In 1985 he transferred to RMC and graduated in 1987 with a degree in electrical engineering. Upon completion of aere trg, he joined the fighter community and was posted to the CF18 program office in Ottawa to manage the development and procurement of EW and avionics support systems. In 1990, LCol Fernandes was posted to CFB Portage la Prairie, where he served first as the aircraft servicing officer and then as the aircraft repair officer. in 1992, he returned to rmc to complete a master’s degree in Elec Eng. Upon completion of this degree, he joined the Air Mobility Community (AMC) and was posted to the directorate of transport & helicopter engineering management in Ottawa. At this post, he served as the avionics and electrical engineering officer for all air mobility fleets, which included the development and certification of the cc130 AUP and EW systems. In the evenings LCol Fernandes pursued his MBA studies at the University of Ottawa.

In 2001, LCol Fernandes joined the maritime community with a tour in the maritime helicopter program. In 2002, he was posted to Patuxent River, MD., as the CF liaison officer to NAVAir, where he worked with the USN to support the CP140 Aurora WSM and AIMP. He also flew with the USN Flying Club and earned his FAA license. In 2005, LCol Fernandes returned to the AMC and was posted to 8 AMS in Trenton. During his tour, he worked first as the AMSO and subsequently as the DCO, which included setting up the aircraft maint organizations for the new C17 and C130j fleets. In 2008, LCol Fernandes was posted to CFAWC, and was promoted shortly thereafter to his current rank. At CFAWC, LCol Fernandes worked on future security concepts for Canada’s air force and led the implementation of the Air Force lessons learned program. In June 2010, LCol Fernandes completed the joint command and staff program, after which he became the co of 8 ams. During his command, he led the air mobility maint transition from centralized to sqn based maint while at the same time supporting various international operations.

Between 2007 and 2012, LCol Fernandes was director and then chairman of the Trenval community futures development corporation, an Industry Canada Business Development Bank that promotes local economic development in the greater Quinte area. In 2012 LCol Fernandes was appointed the weapon system manager for the Hercules, Airbus, Challenger, Twin Otter and Buffalo fleets, including t56 engines and ew systems. In late Jan 2015, he assumed the duties of the AEPM Director for all transport fleets.

LCol Fernandes is married to Sylvie Fernandes and has two sons in university – Robert and Alex. After 4 years on IR, LCol Fernandes will be returning to the Trenton area before embarking on a second career.

A DWD ceremony and luncheon will be held on Friday 1 April 2016 at the Vittoria Trattoria restaurant, Ottawa starting at 1200 hrs. Those wishing to attend are kindly asked to contact claude.paul(at)forces.gc.ca to confirm attendance, no later than 29 March 2016.

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  • Jean Caron

    March 21, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    Joe! OMG, I still remember you as a young officer cadet at CMR. I’m surprised that our paths never crossed wihle I was still in the CF. It would have been fun. I wonder what you’ll be doing next, in Trenton, but maybe we’ll meet again some day. I have found memories of you as a prep at CMR. Just can’t remember if it was in 2 or 6 Sqn… probably 6, but it does not matter. Best of luck in your new career! Cheers. Jean Caron, Maj (ret)