Ex Cadets and more in the news…

Ex Cadets and more in the news…

Air Commodore Birchall

“In responding to the SSAV and OAG reports, RMC is being asked to demonstrate its value to the CAF. In conversation with Maj (ret.) Maureen O’Halloran we have learned that Air Commodore Birchall spoke with the Cadets on or around the occasion of receiving his 5th clasp to the CD.

Maj O’Halloran was a Cadet squadron commander at the time (95-96) and her  memory of the occasion is vivid, particularly because Air Commodore Birchall credited his “rook year” with preparing him to survive the Japanese POW camps.

The event was filmed and we are looking for a copy from which we could prepare a transcript.

If anyone has a copy of this film, or knows where one might be borrowed for a short time, we would really appreciate hearing from you. Please leave a ‘comment’ below with details


(L) H7543 Senator Joseph A. Day and 12342 Dr. John Allen Stewart

Announcement of Honorary Degrees at RMC’s 111th Convocation

The Royal Military College of Canada is very proud to announce that H7543 Senator Joseph A. Day will receive a Doctor of Laws honoris causa and 12342 Dr. John Allen Stewart will receive a Doctor of Engineering honoris causa at our 111th Convocation at 1300 hours on 17 May 2018.


(L) H7543 Senator Joseph A. Day and 12342 Dr. John Allen Stewart

Remise de doctorats honorifiques dans le cadre de la 111e cérémonie de collation des grades du CMR
Le Collège militaire royal du Canada est très fier d’annoncer que H7543 le sénateur Joseph A. Day se verra octroyer un doctorat honoris causa en droit et 12342 le M. John Allen Stewart, PhD se verra octroyer un doctorat honoris causa en génie lors de notre 111e Collation des grades qui aura lieu le 17 mai 2018 à 13 h 00.



100th anniversary of the Battle of Moreuil Wood / Centenaire de la bataille du bois de Moreuil souligné en France

 20043 Trevor Cadieu


Thrive — not just survive – 3 Cdn Div explores wellness culture, mindset change

Article page 4


Perth man heading to New Brunswick for combat engineer training

27415 Kyle Rawling



2018 Demonstration Hornet celebrates NORAD’s 60th anniversary

16165 Sean Boyle



Early United States Navy operations at Shearwater

6601 Ernie Cable



HMCS Vancouver sets sail on Operation Projection

21504 Christopher Nucci

Article page 2


Saint-Jérôme naval officer deploys to West Africa with the RCN

25861 Tristan Lapointe

Article page 17


Military has world at its fingertips thanks to mapping

22461 Claire Bramma

Article page 5


Comox swimmer named Academic All Canadian

23983 Stephanie Dennis (nee Bigelow)



The Canadian Army’s newest Regular Force Brigade now at full strength

15706 Paul Wynnyk / G4103 Derek Macaulay

Article  F


Canada’s top general orders new investigation into boozy VIP flight

15696 Jon Vance / 16204 Luc Cassivi



  • J.D. Smith, 8074

    April 9, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    Hello Gents: It seems to me that Len Kubas was the Adj. to the Commandant (A/C Birchall) at RMC and he may be a good bet to uncover the film.

    Good Luck and Best regards, Smitty (8074)

  • mike F

    April 9, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Air Commodore Birchall was also interviewed by the Public Affairs staff at NDHQ. They went to his retirement home and interviewed him on camera for over an hour. His stories were fascinating. We published at least one in the Maple Leaf when I was the editor in 1998.

    The photo unit, CFJIC, should have a copy of the interview and maybe a transcript as well.

    Good luck.

    Mike Fabbro

  • Ray T

    April 9, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    I recall this speech and have viewed in on VHS. At least 1 copy was available at the Canadian Forces College Library in Toronto in 2012. It is an inspirational speech given by an amazing leader.
    Ray (22122)