Ex-Cadets in the News

Tatamagouche native in charge of training schools in Borden

“I’m excited to make some changes where they are needed,”

18325 Peter C. Earle      Source



Restoring the Royal title to Canada’s armed forces

We had thought that the then-upcoming Canadian Naval Centennial would be the catalyst to ‘Give the Navy its name back!’ as Senator Joseph Day so passionately argued in the media, but head of the navy Vice-Admiral Dean McFadden’s ‘don’t rock the boat’ message sent a negative chill throughout the navy that spilled over into the Naval Officers Association whose support we thought critical.

18040 Michael Smith  Source




Unique deployments – Logistics Officer

“My first deployment was my most memorable experience when I helped to started up Operation Plateau, the Disaster Assistance Relief Team (DART) assistance to Pakistan and the first time I deployed to the Middle East,”

22425 Brandon Sing  Source



International Leadership Training at the Air Command Academy

“INLEAD,” explains Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Larsen, this year’s Canadian INLEAD Project Director, “is an international leadership seminar for Air Reservists at the rank of warrant officer and master warrant officer.”

18688 Mark Larsen  Source


Still writing after all these years!

“I could not believe how dedicated this wonderful lady really was. Selfless really. This is all from the goodness of her heart. Truly she has done so much for the CF, touched so many personally.”

20591 Luc Girouard  Source