Ottawa eyes new Caribbean staging base in talks with Jamaica

“We have a great partnership in the region,” said Lt.-Gen. Stuart Beare, who’s in charge of Canada’s overseas military force. “Geographically, it’s in a perfect spot.”

13337 Stuart Beare  Article


Advising in Afghanistan: A Canadian woman’s perspective

23415 Lauren Banks   Article



Major Yvonne Pratt “engineers” safe operations

“This is the sort of mission that you picture yourself doing when you join the military.”

19028 Yvonne Pratt  Article



Parajumpers jump from newest Air Force capability: CC-130J Hercules

“This exercise provided our military personnel with a realistic training experience, in a simulated humanitarian deployment, to effectively operate and sustain a deployed operating base,”

17871 Sean Lewis  Article



Major Shane Pasiechnyk – Communication and Electronic Engineer

“I have been extremely impressed how the Communication and Electronic branch, both deployed and back in Canada, have worked together as a team to make Op Mobile so successful from a communications perspective,”

Shane Pasiechnyk   Article



International Operations: HMCS Vancouver conducts demolition operation in Libyan coastal waters

Once HMCS Vancouver’s captain, Commander Bradley Peats, got a look at the object, he knew that it warranted further investigation.

18880 Bradley Peats Article



Behind the door of the COC

“The Combat Operations Centre and its personnel are an integral piece to the puzzle of 4 Wing Operations and the Canadian Forces NORAD mission,”

M610 Kirk Soroka  Article



Soaring to new heights: what’s next on the Horizon?

“more adventures, … I look forward to undertaking further difficult challenges in extreme environments. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, and I hope I can continue to embark on these exciting adventures.”

21678 Meagan McGrath  Article



Canadian Navy ‘go, go all the time’

“We knew that we were always going to deploy we just didn’t know exactly where we were going and I was excited because there’s financial bonuses that you get for being deployed but you also get a medal so it was kind of exciting to get a medal,”

23555 Nadia Shields  Article



Klima hopes to help Loyalists bring home Caledonia Cup

“Those (U.S. Military) crowds were pretty ridiculous, you played in a stadium pretty well packed,”

Alistar Klima    Article



Two subs will be fully operating by late 2012, top sailor pledges

“That will give us, for the first time, what we’ve always wanted to achieve … high readiness submarines operating on both coasts,”

12444 Paul Maddison Article


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