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Michael Den Tandt: Marc Garneau could be the adult in Liberal leadership race

“I have sailed across the ocean in a sailboat in both directions with 12 other people; I have gone into space, I have skydived. I’ve done all sorts of things in my life. I’m certainly not a dull person, even though I don’t necessarily bring that out when I’m acting as a politician. People who know me know I’m a passionate person.”

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New top general, PM had no lengthy F-35 talks

“What I can say is that neither the prime minister nor the minister have spoken at length about the F-35 program with me,”

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The Measure of a CDS –

First published on the Canadian International Council website


Natynczyk on war, leadership and being ‘Walt from Winnipeg’

“I was working at National Defence Headquarters and people were dumping these big problems on my desk, and I said, ‘Well, you know what? This is easy, because unlike Sarajevo, no one is shooting at me!”

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Navy boss foresees maritime century

“The system of the world, the globalized economy, is one that absolutely depends on a rules-based freedom of the seas,”

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Making music in outer space

“I’m really looking forward to the wealth and privilege of time six months will offer to see the world in a new way, to see it as an artistic and human place, not just through geography and science. … I want to see the Earth through the chance artistry that looking at the Earth brings.”

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