Ex-Cadets in the News

Former NORAD deputy commander, wife receive U.S. military awards Article

Reconnaissance, par les forces armées américaines, de l’ancien commandant adjoint du NORAD et de son épouse  Français


Hornet triumphs in the ultimate performance showdown

“The weather changed in our favour and the CF-18s crushed the cars, yet again … All the drivers were super excited [and the event] exceeded their expectations. I know that the military folks who volunteered enjoyed the events as well.”

M610 Lieutenant-Colonel Kirk Soroka   Article  Français


‘Give those kids a chance’

“And we’re looking around for other schools to help the other schools in the area,”

15769 Mark Dull – Article


Family visits CF pilot’s crash site 45 years later  Une visite émouvante 45 ans plus tard

“I was flying the same mission that morning. About 10 of us, including Group Captain Cole, were assigned to fly the same low-level cross-country navigation training mission, spaced at 10 minute intervals. I was next in line behind him.”

« J’étais stagiaire à l’Unité de transition Sabre à l’époque, se rappelle 3528 le général (à la retraite) Paul Manson, ancien chef d’état-major de la Défense. J’ai effectué cette mission le matin même. Nous étions une dizaine, dont le Col avn Cole, à participer à cet entraînement à la navigation à basse altitude. Nous nous suivions à intervalles de dix minutes; j’étais le prochain. »

3528 General (Ret) Paul Manson, former Chief of the Defence Staff  Article  Français


Defence Leadership Recognizes Canadian Defence Academy (CDA) Aboriginal Team

Les dirigeants de la Défense saluent l’équipe autochtone de l’Académie canadienne de la Défense

“We don’t do the work for the recognition; we do the work because it’s what we love to do.”

« Nous ne faisons pas ce travail pour obtenir des prix; nous le faisons parce que ça nous passionne. »

16540 Lieutenanat-Colonel Chantal Fraser Article  Français


Soldiers’ support organization mistreated its own employees, says ombudsman

“Our investigation shows that, despite knowing Mr. Clark’s mental health had deteriorated, OSISS management made no real attempt to explore how he might be assisted in maintaining his employment once it became clear he intended to resign,”

9485 Canadian Forces Ombudsman Pierre Daigle  Article


Ministers launch veteran careers site in Hamilton

“… said the program originated in the United States in 2003 and was developed by a Canadian.”

15148 Greg Matte, executive director of Helmets for Hardhats Canada  Article




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