Ex-Cadets in the News

23578 Capt Ashley Collette was the only woman in her platoon of soldiers on the Afghan front line – and she was in charge. In the Canadian armed forces, unusually, every job is open to women – and both sexes live together and fight together.

23578 Captain Collette: The life of a woman on the front line

“I don’t think that the enemy liked our presence,” she says with a soldier’s understatement. “It’s kind of in the middle of where they want to be.”

Moose Jaw celebrates 200,000 flying hours on the Harvard trainer

“To reach this 200,000 hour milestone in 13 years with 24 aircraft is simply incredible,” said 14561 Colonel Paul Goddard, the commander of 15 Wing. “We don’t stop for much around here because our focus is to create the foundation air power for the Air Force.”

Canadian ships to stay on Arabian Sea patrol

“During the four rotations that have been part of Operation Artemis, our crews have done outstanding work, including flag-verification boardings and interdiction operations, which greatly support security in this important region,” said 13337 Lt.-Gen. Stuart Beare, commander of joint operations command.

Branch to be renamed to honour fallen soldier

With his executive’s blessing, Rittwage contacted Peter Dawe, Capt. Dawe’s father, and told him the legion wanted to honour his son – 22596 Matthew Dawe.

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