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HMCS Regina sets sail on 8-month counter-terrorism voyage to Arabian Sea

“It’s a counter-terrorism mission,” he said. “Right now, Toronto is in there and on her way home. Regina was in before that and Regina’s heading back with a fresh new crew to take on these duties.”

12192 Gen Tom Lawson – CDS Article


Soldier brings cheer to army family

Former N.B. resident on last tour

“I just enjoyed the excitement, the change. Every two or three years you’re changing your job and doing something different.”

11863 Morris Brause Article


 16536 Colonel Ross W. Ermel (RRMC 1989) will present “The Army Reserve:

A 38 Canadian Brigade Group Perspective” at the Royal Military Institute of Manitoba speaker’s night on January 16, 2014 at the 17 Wing Officers’ Mess.



6907 Bill Fenrick (LLB’73) recognized for work in international humanitarian law



Maj.-Gen. 2861 Dan Loomis — 1929-2013

‘Valiant officer’ led army in Ottawa-Hull during FLQ Crisis

“Dan was a brilliant student and an honours graduate,” said Withers, “but he had no intention of joining the regular army. Those of us who were going into the regular army as opposed to the reserves were called to muster. An officer from army headquarters came and said ‘when you graduate all of you are going to the Korean War’ so Dan wasn’t in that line up. But when news got around the college that we were being posted, he hastened across to see if he could join.”

Former Chief of Defence Staff 2951 Ramsey Withers Article  Previous announcement

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  • Andrew Chaplin

    January 15, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    Dan Loomis’s’actions on learning of the planned postings to units deploying to Korea would not have surprised my mother. They both attended Lisgar Collegiate in Ottawa, and she remembered him as keen as mustard about the prospect of a military life. She did say he seemed crestfallen when the Second War ended. She related these tales to me when Dan cropped up as a general officer in the 1970s (I was then a Militiaman, myself.)