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Ex-Cadets in the News

CF ramps up for Vancouver Olympics12491 Colonel David E Barr (RMC ’80) & 22966 Lieutent(Navy) Josee P Proulx (RMC ’04) source

Bio on Dave Barr


High School Reunion in Timmins

18914 Serge Tremblay (RMC ’93)

Another graduate who spoke to the crowd is Serge Tremblay.
He came up with his wife Jennifer Tremblay and their two children, Rebecca and Brianna.
Tremblay joined the Canadian Forces in Grade 13.
As a combat engineer, Tremblay did construction, demolition, bridging and graphing on the battlefield. He spent four years at the Royal Military College in Kingston where he met his wife. In high school Tremblay said he was an uber geek but in university he transitioned into being a jock.
“In university I joined fencing and played at the national and international level for four years,” he said. “Thériault just didn’t have the right sport apparently.”
All kidding aside, Tremblay explained he has a lot to be thankful for. From Grade 11 to 13, chemistry teacher Antoine Garwah encouraged Tremblay to take a summer school course at Laurentian University where Tremblay got his first feel for engineering. Now he is a strategic realty asset planner working for National Defence.
Tremblay has a master’s degree in urban planning from Queens University and has lived in British Columbia and all across Ontario. In 2007 he spent seven months in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
“I was doing improvised explosive devices,” he said. “When I was in these hallways I was an army cadet. Never in a million years would I have guessed this is where I’d be. ”
Watching her husband be back at a place where he spent much of his earlier years was a touching experience for Jennifer.
“It’s nice to see him come back,” she said. “He’s very proud of being from Timmins and he’s proud to share his experiences beyond high school.”
Tremblay’s two daughters were also excited to see their father back at Thériault.
“It’s pretty cool,” Rebecca said. “I like seeing pictures of my dad. He looks really different. He’s more handsome now.”
Brianna explained she hadn’t visited many high schools so the experience for herself was exciting. But for her father, Brianna said she knew he was enjoying the weekend.
“I think it’s pretty neat and he has fun here,” she said. “I can tell because he knows a lot of people.”