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  • 24673 Glynis Rogers: ‘It has to change:’ Nova Scotia woman leads class action lawsuit claiming bullying, sex assault of military women

  • 8100 Wil Bush throws down the gauntlet

  • Ex Cadets meet-up at Veterans Day Ceremony at the National Cemetery in Washington  State

  • 12059 Jacques J. Gagné shares a short Roméo Dallaire story…

  • 17339 Scott Guild: disposing of skis, skates & parkas – heading to Sigonella, Italy


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‘It has to change:’ Nova Scotia woman leads class action lawsuit claiming bullying, sex assault of military women

24673 Glynis Rogers


Woman from Yarmouth leads proposed lawsuit against Canadian military



Wil Bush throws down the gauntlet

Perhaps I am looking for my 15 seconds of fame but in the 107 th Convocation was Ryan Bush who obtained a BA in Military and Strategic Studies. He was absent due to his participating in an Army Training exercise in California.

Ryan is my son and attended RMC not as a cadet but as a member of the Army Reserves.

I am going to lay claim to being the oldest ex-cadet (70 in 2 months) when his child, not grandchild as some of my classmates have, graduated from RMC.

Are there any challengers?


8100 Wil Bush


5260 Wayne Hammond sent us along a short note: “I am part of a contingent of ex- Canadian service members who attend the Veterans Day Ceremony at the National Cemetery in Wash state every year. While there I met 23478 Capt Mike Lavery from the class of 2006.  He is attached to the 2nd Stryker Bde. Great to meet a fellow graduate.”


12059 Jacques J. Gagné (CMR/RMC) shares a short Roméo Dallaire story & more

“I was able to attend yesterday’s Book launch special event at Winnipeg’s famed McNally Robinson book store (Grant Park Mall). Please see my photos (attached)

The narrative below explains it quite well. (although I wont take credit for the write up, which was done by a fellow Director of the Royal Military Institute of Manitoba/ Bill Zuk)

The photo is mine. I purchased three books and had Romeo sign each one. However, one book in particular, was dedicated by request; to my Rwandan neighbor and refugee, who was victim to the genocide atrocities. Her name is “Flo”. When I approached Flo yesterday morning about the event, she told me she had always wanted to meet Romeo; however she was overwhelmed by emotion as I explained the impact the events of 1993 had had on Romeo. She also suffers from PTSD, and has shared her stories and ‘demons’ with me in the past.”

12059 Jacques J. Gagné (CMR/RMC)

The event of Sunday 20 Nov 2016, featured a conversation and book signing of Waiting for First Light: My Ongoing Battle with PTSD (Random House Canada).

Hosted by Terry MacLeod of CBC Radio One <<The Weekend Morning Show >>.

Roméo Dallaire, traumatized by witnessing genocide on an imponderable scale in Rwanda, reflects in these pages on the nature of PTSD and the impact of that deep wound on his life since 1994, and on how he motivates himself and others to humanitarian work despite his constant struggle.

Though he had been a leader in peace and in war at all levels, up to deputy commander of the Canadian Army, his PTSD led to his medical dismissal from the Canadian Forces in April 2000, a blow that almost killed him.

But he crawled out of the hole he fell into after he had to take off the uniform, and he has been inspiring people to give their all to multiple missions ever since, from ending genocide to eradicating the use of child soldiers to revolutionizing officer training so that our soldiers can better deal with the muddy reality of modern conflict zones and to revolutionizing our thinking about the changing nature of conflict itself.

Roméo Dallaire is a retired lieutenant-general, retired Senator, and celebrated humanitarian.

In 1993, BGen Dallaire was appointed force commander for UNAMIR, where he bore witness to the Rwandan genocide. His Governor General’s Literary Award-winning book, Shake Hands with the Devil, exposed the failures of the international community to stop that genocide.

It has been turned into an Emmy Award-winning documentary as well as a feature film; it has also been entered into evidence in war crimes tribunals trying the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide. Dallaire has received numerous honours and awards, including Officer of the Order of Canada in 2002 and the United Nations Association in Canada’s Pearson Peace Medal in 2005.

His second book, They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children, was also a national bestseller. Since his retirement, he has become an outspoken advocate for human rights, mental health and war-affected children.

He founded the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, an organization committed to progressively ending the use of child soldiers worldwide through a security sector approach.


Retirement – 17339 Capt(N) Scott Guild, CD, Log Officer

Captain(Navy) Scott Guild will retire 22 December 2016, having completed over 30 years of dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Logistics Branch, and the Personnel Administration Branch.

Capt(N) Guild joined the Canadian Forces in 1986, as that was by far the best offer of a university  scholarship.  After struggling through two years of RMC engineering based on Nova Scotia high school, he decided that dollars made more sense than electrons and switched to commerce.  That necessitated an occupation change from MARE that led him to Personnel Administration, with postings to Kingston, Shearwater and Halifax.  In Halifax he decided to pursue an accounting designation, which ended up fitting well with the later assimilation into the Logistics Branch.  Since then it has been a mixture of finance and HR jobs (but mostly finance) in Borden, SHAPE, Esquimalt, Syria, CMP Compt, Halifax again, and following up with CJOC HQ and the Naval Staff as RCN Comptroller.

Never taking the easy way, Capt(N) Guild completed a Masters in International Law with International Relations, Staff College, Certified Management Accounting designation, and French training all in his spare time.  On the plus side, he also had the fantastic opportunity to live in Belgium while working for NATO, bringing many chances to journey Europe with his family, and later on to explore the Middle East during his year-long UN deployment to Syria.

Capt(N) Guild has had the distinct pleasure to serve with many military and civilian professionals who have made his career memorable.  From the mischievous typing pool in CFSCE to the wonderful team at RCN Compt, along with all of the RMC classmates that are now scattered all over the world, the memories of good times are plentiful.  He has also had the privilege to be President in two Naval Wardrooms, working with excellent mess staff and committee members to promote the importance of messes in our military community.

Capt(N) Guild has accepted a NATO civilian position with the Alliance Ground Surveillance Force based in Sigonella, Italy.  He and Nicole are looking forward to disposing of the skis, skates and parkas in favour of sandals, beach chairs and umbrellas, and maybe swapping the Vulcan for a Vespa.  They have not yet secured accommodations, but will ensure there is at least one guest bedroom for visitors.

To celebrate Capt(N) Guild’s career and bid farewell, please join Scott, Nicole, and Kiersten at HMCS Bytown, 78 Lisgar St, Ottawa, on Friday 16 Dec 2016, at 1400 hrs.

Confirmation of attendance, as well as notes of congratulations, farewell, or just plain good stories may be sent to Lt(N) Ann Mech, [email protected] .


RETRAITE –17339 Captv Scott Guild, CD, Officer Log

Le Capitaine de vaisseau (Capv) Scott Guild prendra sa retraite le 22 décembre 2016, avec plus de 30 ans de bons et loyaux services dédiés aux Forces armées canadiennes, à la Marine royale canadienne, au Service de la logistique ainsi qu’au Service de l’administration du personnel.

Le Capv Guild s’est joint aux Forces canadiennes en 1986, par l’entremise du programme de formation des officiers de la Force régulière (PFOR) qui semblait être attrayant à l’époque. Après deux ans de dur labeur dans le programme de génie au collège militaire royal de Kingston, il décida que gérer des finances et du personnel faisait plus de sens que de compter des électrons. Il passa donc aux études du Commerce, ce qui a aussi nécessité un changement d’occupation de génie maritime à l’administration du personnel. Ses premières affectations étaient à Kingston, Shearwater et Halifax.  Pendant son séjour à Halifax, il décida de poursuivre une désignation professionnelle en comptabilité afin de faciliter son intégration au  service de logistique. Depuis, il a eu divers emplois dans le domaine de la finances et des  Ressources Humaines (RH) à Borden, SHAPE, Esquimalt, en Syrie, au contrôleur de CPM, Halifax, au COIC et finalement, å l’état-major de la Marine comme contrôleur de la MRC.

Depuis sa graduation du collège militaire royal de Kingston, et toujours à la recherche de grands défis, le Capv Guild a complété une maîtrise en droit international avec relations internationales, une année au Collège d’état-major, a obtenu la désignation en comptabilité de gestion certifiée et dans son temps libre, a complété une formation de langue seconde en français.  Il a eu l’opportunité de travailler pour l’OTAN en Belgique, lui procurant  de nombreuses opportunités de conquérir l’Europe avec sa famille. Quelques années plus tard, son déploiement d’un an en Syrie avec  l’ONU lui a aussi donné l’opportunité d’explorer le Moyen-Orient.

Le Capv Guild a eu le plaisir de servir avec plusieurs gens, civils et  militaires, qui ont rendu sa carrière mémorable. De l’équipe de dactylographie malicieuse de l’EECFC à la merveilleuse équipe du contrôleur de la MRC, en passant par tous les camarades de classe du CMR qui sont maintenant éparpillés à travers le monde entier, les souvenirs de bons moments passés entre amis sont riches et nombreux. Il a également eu le privilège d’être nommé président du carré des officiers à deux reprises et il a travaillé avec d’excellents membres de comités pour promouvoir l’importance des mess dans notre communauté militaire.

Le capv Guild a accepté une position comme employé civil pour l’OTAN auprès de la Force de surveillance terrestre de l’Alliance basée à Sigonella, en Italie. Scott et Nicole sont impatients de se débarrasser de leurs skis, de leurs patins et parkas en échange de sandales, de chaises de plage et de parapluies, et qui sait, échanger leur Vulcan pour une Vespa. Ils n’ont pas encore sécurisé un  logement, mais ils s’assureront  que ce nouveau logement ait au moins une chambre d’invité pour recevoir tous leurs amis et parents.

Pour célébrer la carrière du Capv Guild et lui souhaiter bonne chance dans sa nouvelle aventure, joignez Scott, Nicole et Kiersten au NCSM Bytown, 78 Lisgar St, Ottawa, le vendredi 16 décembre 2016, à 14 h.

La confirmation de votre présence, ainsi que des notes de félicitations, d’adieux ou tout simplement de bonnes histoires peuvent être envoyées au lieutenant de vaisseau Ann Mech , [email protected]