Ex-Cadets in the News

thomas-bradleyCFB Edmonton, Base Commander

17432 Thomas Bradley (RRMC 1990)

”He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Military and Strategic Studies, Political Science and Economics concentration, from Royal Roads Military College and is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Command and Staff Course. He is the recipient of the United States Army’s Bronze Star and Canada’s Meritorious Service Medal”



“If you issue a code of conduct, then it’s assumed you have some kind of legitimacy also.”

Decoding Taliban’s rule book

14835 Eric Tremblay (CMR 1985)


23781 Melissa Calnan (RMC 2007)Local women suit up for Canada at World Military Volleyball event

23781 Melissa Calnan (RMC 2007)

“The venue where we competed was absolutely fantastic. It was next door to the stadium where Brazil’s pro soccer teams compete. It was definitely the largest venue that I have ever played in.”


leonard-leeSTARTING POINTS: Elastic attraction

5576 Mr Leonard Lee (RRMC RMC  1962) is an entrepreneur. He founded Canica Instruments, which developed medical products such as the “SutureSafe” bandage, and other products to close large cuts or even abdominal walls. A paper about closing up leg fasciotomy wounds (using the SutureSafe bandage) appeared in the March 2008 issue of the American Surgeon. Leonard Lee is perhaps best known for his 14 Lee Valley Tools stores. Leonard Lee and his wife founded the stores in 1977. His other ventures include Veritas Tools – a woodworking set still advertised in the Lee Valley catalogue – and Algrove Publishing.


sar-comox442 Sqn rescues two from plane crash

16126 Rob Mulholland (RRMC RMC 1987)

19516 Trevor Hendricks (RRMC RMC 1994)

23473 Adam Kusch (RMC 2006)

”A Cormorant helicopter and a Buffalo aircraft flew to the rescue of the survivors of a plane crash yesterday afternoon. The crews from 442 Squadron, at 19 Wing Comox, were tasked by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre at around 10 a.m. when they were notified that a float plane had crashed on Azure Lake, approximately 185 kilometres north of Kamloops.”



Class of 1978

Each year Dale Robertson invites all classmates out for a cruise in the Halifax Harbour, and this year he arranged for the Tall Ships to be in town, as well as fireworks.

Included in the photo, from the left, front group: Bruce Barteaux, Tim Crowley, Hans Peters, Mark Newsome, Heather Newsome, Jeff McBean, Ruth Crowley, Maura Gair, Rob Gair.

Back row from the left: Bonnie Barteaux, Jeff McBean, Bill Ricketts, Betty Ricketts, Jim Doherty, Mary Robertson, Dale Robertson, Mireille Doherty and Robin Mann (friend of Douglas Robertson, taking the photo and joining Robin on Dad’s boat where the beer is free)