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Ex-Cadets in the News | Anciens dans les nouvelles

RCMP to review Grozelle investigation

Posted By Ian Elliot

Kingston Whig Standard January 12, 2008
The RCMP will review the military-led investigation into the death of Royal Military College cadet Joe Grozelle.
His father, Ron, and mother, Minnie, were in Kingston yesterday to re-erect the small memorial to their son near the spot where his body was pulled from the Cataraqui River in the fall of 2003, 22 days after he went missing from his dorm room.
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olivier_sylvain.jpg(Click to enlarge) 22174 Olivier G Sylvain (RMC ‘02) and Jenn Stoyle were featured holding hands during an Ottawa snowstorm on the front page of Le Droit on 17 Decembre 2007. He has been serving with the Canadian Forces since 1998. Since August 2007, he has been CLS DLR 6-2-3 in Ottawa. He is a car, wine and food enthusiast. He is currently a graduate student at Université Laval.


18218 Michel Menard (CMR RMC ’92) New Vice President and General Manager at Landmark

Helicopter Association International – Alexandria,VA,USA
Menard received a bachelor of mechanical engineering degree from the Royal Military College of Canada. Standard Aero and Landmark Aviation , Dubai Aerospace …

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One Comment

  • Olivier Sylvain

    January 19, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    I don’t know who sent this picture to eVeritas… It’s a surprisingly good 3-line summary of my current life. I would like to add that the lovely lady happens to be a RMC grad also. 22571 Jennifer Stoyle (RMC ’03) is currently the Personal Assistant for the Commander of the Land Forces Central Area. She is also a real estate investor in Toronto and she will be deployed to Afghanistan in August.