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Veteran shares impressions as Afghanistan winds down

“The ‘winding down’, as it is described, is important to me not as a reference to change in our mission, but as a reminder of what we’ve accomplished in almost a decade,”

20447 Mark Nasmith   Read the article


Afghanistan war memorial returns to Canada

“Putting up a monument in remembrance to the sacrifices of this particular conflict are not just for we the living, but for our descendents,”

Sean Maloney, a professor at the Royal Military College of Canada and the official historian – Read the article



A matter of time

“It’s a full-time job,”

14444 Dorothy Hector

“I just couldn’t juggle five days a week. It was too much,” she said. “I’ve allotted Tuesdays just to council work.”

Sandy Berg

“If you make it full-time, you lose a lot of potential people. You’d basically get just retired people,” he said.

“One of the strengths of council is the diversity. If you trust staff, council is overseeing things and doesn’t require you to get in the kitchen.”

Bryan Paterson

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge focus on CF

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Kandahar base handed over to the movers

“The fact that we fought to the last minute gave us credibility,”

14596 Dean Milner Read the article


Air Force Nijmegen Teams are hard at work

“Although we have maintained a solid core of strong marchers, we have lost a few members to injuries such as blisters, shinsplints, and plantar fascitis,”

20937 Craig Little Read the article




New Commander for 1 Canadian Air Division/Canadian NORAD Region

“Over the last few years, I have witnessed first-hand the incredible accomplishments of Canada’s airmen and airwomen on missions across the globe,”

14330 Alain Parent  Read the article


The military is a central actor in Canada’s story

David Bercuson – Board of Governors RMCC – Read the article


Ex-Red Staniowski went from NHL to Afghanistan, and still has a soft spot for Rhode Island

“I was planning on going to the Royal Military College, which would be the equivalent of the U.S. Army’s West Point,’’ he said. “My intent was to go to military college, become an officer, and make a military career. But I had some success playing junior hockey’’ –– he was the Canadian Hockey League Player of the Year for the Regina Pats in 1975 –– “and the scouts told me, ‘Hey, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to get drafted . . . Hold off with any commitment to the military and see what happens.’ ”

Ed Staniowski Read the article



Minister MacKay Announces New Defence Partnership With Kuwait

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, and 13143  Major-General Mark McQuillan, Commander of Canadian Operational Support Command, display the Canada-Kuwait Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Kuwait City. The Memorandum of Understanding is a framework document to allow for logistical support to Canadian operations in Afghanistan.

Photo: DND  Read the article

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