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Canada’s stuck with second-hand subs until 2030, navy says

“In terms of surveillance of our ocean approaches and the protection of our own sovereignty, I would consider a submarine capability critical and so to lose that for a G8 nation, a NATO country like Canada, a country that continues to lead internationally, and aspires to lead more, I would consider that a critical loss,”

12444 Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison, head of the Royal Canadian Navy  Article


Army commander joins Ex ARCTIC RAM to highlight northern priorities

“We have to be able to shoot, move and communicate in Canada’s North,”

19033 LCol Nick Grimshaw, chief of staff for 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Article


Chinese commanders learn winter lessons during Canadian visit

“I think the potential for small level exchanges between the two armies would be a first good step, but that will require the government of Canada to confirm what their intent is in that regard.”



Personalized Media Communications Names RMC PG – Boyd Lemna as Director



How to prepare for life after retirement

“The joys of service and grandparenting are underscored, and the importance of family communications and preserving family histories and heritage are emphasized.”

Roy Prete, professor of history at the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario  Article


USMA cadets educated in safeguarding themselves from financial scams

Medal of Honor recipient speaks to Air Force Academy cadets