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At the United Nations, updating a modernist icon

“Some days,” he says, leading me into the concrete shell of a dimly lit space that once held the Security Council, relocated to a temporary space in the General Assembly, “this is a normal job with massive technical challenges, but there are other times when the Security Council had to try to resolve some very serious issues in Egypt and Libya, and we had to stop the jackhammers so they could finish their business.”

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Toy space shuttles for charity stolen, Marc Garneau says

“Though an offence against the dignity of the House regardless of the contents, the theft of these contents in my view is also an offence against common decency,”

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Scouts Canada Names Michael McKay Executive Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer

“I am honored to join Scouts Canada and to have the opportunity to build upon the respected heritage and unique accomplishments of the Movement. I am also excited to have the opportunity to pursue the great work that has led to a resurgence of interest and participation in Scouts Canada,”

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RCAF delivers fuel to Canada’s most northerly post

“Op Boxtop provides a critical lifeline to CFS Alert,” said Major Todd Murphy, commanding officer of CFS Alert. “During this current Boxtop, we are receiving the majority of our annual fuel supply which is essential for the generation of our power and heating requirements.”

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 A soldier’s best weapon is a well-trained mind

Take the case of Lieutenant Tyler Wentzell. Not two years out of RMC, he found himself attached to an Afghan National Army company in the middle of nowhere. His driver and radio operator were practically the only Canadians he saw for months. Nothing was familiar. And yet he still managed to move into the Afghan camp, gain the acceptance of his hosts, help them train their troops and take them into battle against the Taliban.

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 Soldier says military muzzled him for speaking out

“It’s more an advisement there may be changes. It’s not a hard determination of changes. It remains under reviews, and we’re going to continue to study it going forward,”

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  Training soldiers in realistic Afghan scenarios saves lives   – Short video