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Ex-cadets in attendance Dec 8th. – Back row: (from LT to RT) Dick Girling / Lee Smith / Christopher J Robinson / Ed deCaux / Mark Shaddock / Claude Michon. Seated: (from LT to RT) Bruce Rutherford / Allen Kear / Bob Simpson / Jacques Gagné / Peter Flynn

Manitoba Branch Christmas Meet & Greet

By: 12059 Jacques Gagné – Branch President

The 2012 Manitoba Branch, Christmas “Meet & Greet” held Saturday evening December 8th, 2012 at the University Women’s Club, Winnipeg was a resounding success. To my knowledge and recollection this was the most attended event in recent history.

The Branch Executive – Jacques Gagné (President); Claude Michon (VP) and Ed deCaux (secretary & Webmaster) hosted some (30+) ex-Cadets, their wives and special guests. This year for the first time in Branch history, we reached out to the parents of Officer-Cadets currently attending RMC Kingston. We had a positive response with the following parents attending: Marcel & Sylvia Labelle (Taryn Labelle – I year), Peter & Heather Clark (Brendan Clark – CWC), Elaine & Wayne McNaughton (Andrew McNaughton – II year), Rebecca & Ken Savage (Shane Savage – II year), Kathy Macrae (Aaron Cappellani – III year), Jacky & Steve Broda-Milian (Kiernan Broda-Milian – I year). NB: If we inadvertently missed anyone please accept our apologies.

Amongst our regulars, we counted the following ex-Cadets / spouses or guests: Ed Burgerner, Lee Smith and his wife Pat, Peter & Judith Flynn, Allen & Celine Kear, Christopher J. Robinson, Dick & Doreen Girling, Bruce & Patti Rutherford, Claude Michon (and friend Marilyn), Ed deCaux, Mark Shaddock, Bob Simpson, Jacques & Gisèle Gagné.

We make note that the parents of those cadets currently attending RMC Kingston were appreciative of the opportunity to meet other parents in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere. Many exchanged contact information and were able to reach out for additional information about the Club, the Branch, activities and programs at the College. It was felt they had a better understanding of the Colleges, their support network and traditions.

The Branch President addressed the guests at the midway mark and provided the guests (parents) with some background on the history of the Branch and Club, and highlighted some of the benefits of belonging to an Alumni such as the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada. As is tradition following many of our gatherings, we “sounded off” by College Number in succession with the lowest number first; each Ex-Cadet providing a brief background as to their year & college of entry, element (occupation) and their current status.

Following discussion with Branch members, it has been decided that the Branch will reach out again to parents and specially at the yearly attestation ceremonies, where we can invite the parents of those cadets currently attending RMC to mingle with new families.

Members of the Branch Executive (seated) along with some of the parents in attendance : Peter & Heather Clarks, Sylvia & Marcel Labelle, Jacky & Steve Broda-Milian, Ken & Rebecca Savage.


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