Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Defence Minister Peter MacKay last week announced a number of  Canadian Forces (CF) senior promotions and appointments for Regular Force senior officers. The following have a military college connection:


(Left to Right)

12966 Maj.-Gen. J.M.M. Hainse (CMR 1982) will be appointed Chief of Programme at NDHQ

14378 Brig.-Gen. D.W. Thompson (CMR RMC 1984) will be appointed Deputy Director General International Security Policy at NDHQ in Ottawa

13049 Brig.-Gen. J.R.A. Tremblay (CMR 1982) will be appointed Commander Land Force Quebec


(Left to Right)

13991 Col. F.G. Bigelow (RRMC 1983) will be promoted to Brig.-Gen. (acting while so employed) and appointed Air Force Representative to the Canadian Forces

Transformation Team at NDHQ Ottawa;

13062 Capt. (Navy) D.L. Sing (CMR RMC 1981) will be promoted to Commodore (acting while so employed) and appointed Director General Maritime Force Development at

NDHQ in Ottawa,

After distinguished service to the Canadian Forces and Canada, the following senior officers will complete their careers and retire from the Regular Force in 2010:


Maj.-Gen. J.P.Y.D.Gosselin (Commander, Canadian Defence Academy); and

15148 Brig.-Gen. G.C.P. Matte (RRMC 1985) .


Military unit rises again – 1 CANADIAN DIVISION

“Our allies didn’t think that we could do it, but we did it, and Canada is back on the world stage in a big way.”

Maj.-Gen David Fraser – A member of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, he received battlefield commendations in Bosnia and earned his Master’s degree at Royal Military College and Queen’s University.  Source


A source of inspiration – Five Ex cadets among those honoured: 23137  Aaron Corey (RMC 2006); 23079 Daniel Vincent (RMC 2005); 20294 Fraser Auld (RMC 1996); 19975 Bryan Bedard (RRMC RMC 1995); 20031 Kael Rennie (RRMC 1995).

“The individuals being recognized today have demonstrated courage, selflessness, and perseverance during the most demanding of situations,” CDS General Walt Natynczyk



Hadfield’s time — and Canada’s

It would be a major step for a Canadian to take command of the station. NASA and the Russians have long welcomed astronauts from other nations, but have not often given them management positions.

13738 Chris Hadfield (RRMC RMC 1982)



New commander praises Canadian soldiers

“We have shaped and provided to the Canadian Forces a healthier army,”

12966 Maj.-Gen. J.M.M. Hainse (CMR 1982)



Canadian Attache in Seoul working hard for Canada’s Veterans, even in last week in office

“We have determined that the five names can be added to one of the panels if the panel is removed and recast,”

12984 Colonel Stephen LaPLante (CMR RMC 1982)


Colonel Stephen LaPlante Bio


Memorial Cup Trophy honours all Canadian war dead