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CDS Message – Events in Trenton, Ontario

I know I speak for every man and woman in uniform when I say that we have been shocked and dismayed by the events unfolding around the arrest of Colonel Russell Williams in Trenton. I will not comment on the charges against Col Williams. They will be dealt with by the criminal justice system. These are disturbing and tragic circumstances. These allegations touching our senior leadership have created a wave of emotion that inflicts pain on all those involved. CF leaders at all levels need to remain conscious of the sacred trust that exists between them and those they lead. It is a trust built on unimpeachable morals, unwavering integrity, and the courage to do what is right.

I have every confidence in the leadership of the CF and their strength of character to weather this storm, to make the right decisions, and to offer moral support to each other as we collectively work through this tough situation. This comes at a time when all of our energies are focused on continuing to turn the tide in Afghanistan, saving lives in Haiti, fighting piracy on the high seas, supporting the RCMP in providing security at the Olympic Games, and ensuring that our women and men are prepared for their next mission. I am confident that we will all remain focused on our missions, and will and continue to achieve success on operations while caring for our people and our military families.

I know that we are united in our sympathy for all of victims and those touched by these crimes, and that we are committed to ensuring that we provide the best support to all of the affected military families. In keeping with our commitment to the wellbeing of our personnel and their families, I would like to remind everyone of the Employee Assistance Program through which mental health service providers can be contacted for confidential support and counselling services. Finally, the police have made a public plea for any information that may bring light to their investigation and I echo that call. If you have information that you believe is relevant, please share it with your nearest military or civilian police agency. I am proud of you and proud to be your CDS.

12320 General W. J. Natynczyk (RRMC CMR 1979)

Message du CEMD – Événements survenus à Trenton, en Ontario

Je sais que c’est au nom de tous les militaires canadiens que je parle lorsque j’exprime à quel point je suis heurté et consterné par les événements entourant l’arrestation du Colonel Russell Williams à Trenton. Je ne commenterai pas les accusations portées contre le Col Williams; le système de justice pénale se chargera de la suite des choses. À n’en pas douter, il s’agit d’événements tragiques et troublants. Ces allégations contre l’un de nos hauts gradés ont provoqué une vague d’émotions qui cause bien des peines à toutes les personnes concernées. Les dirigeants de tous les échelons des Forces canadiennes doivent toutefois demeurer conscients de la confiance sacrée qui existe entre eux et les militaires qu’ils dirigent. Cette confiance exige d’avoir un sens moral inébranlable, une intégrité sans faille et le courage nécessaire pour poser les actes qui s’imposent.

J’ai pleinement confiance en tous les dirigeants des Forces canadiennes; grâce à leur force de caractère, ils réussiront à composer avec ces événements bouleversants, à prendre les bonnes décisions et à offrir le soutien moral requis alors que nous traversons ensemble cette situation fort difficile. Ces événements surviennent alors que nous concentrons toute notre énergie à mettre un terme à nos opérations en Afghanistan, à sauver des vies à Haïti, à lutter contre les actes de piraterie en haute mer, à aider la GRC à assurer la sécurité dans le cadre des Jeux olympiques et à préparer les militaires canadiens à leur prochaine mission.

Je suis convaincu que nous demeurerons malgré tout bien concentrés sur nos missions et que nous continuerons à mener à bien nos opérations tout en portant attention aux militaires et à leur famille. Nous éprouvons tous de la sympathie à l’endroit des victimes et des personnes touchées par ces crimes et nous engageons à offrir le meilleur soutien possible aux familles des militaires touchés. Conformément à notre engagement à l’égard du bien-être des membres de notre personnel et de leur famille, je rappelle qu’il est possible de consulter en toute confidentialité des professionnels en santé mentale par le biais du Programme d’aide aux employés.

Finalement, la police a lancé un appel public afin qu’on lui transmette toute information pouvant éclairer son enquête, et je réitère cet appel. Si vous détenez de l’information que vous jugez pertinente, veuillez en informer les policiers militaires ou civils de votre localité.

C’est avec fierté que j’occupe le poste de Chef d’état-major de la Défense, et je suis fier de vous.

12320 Le Général W.J. Natynczyk (RRMC CMR 1979)


New commander named at CFB Trenton, Ont., to replace Col. Williams

“I believe Col. Cochrane has the exceptional leadership qualities necessary to lead 8 Wing Trenton at this challenging and critical time, as the Canadian Forces are experiencing an unprecedented operational tempo,” said Deschamps in a statement.

15492 Dave Coachrane (RMC 1986)  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE



A job fit for this troubleshooter   

Hession doesn’t mince words when asked to assess the spending practices at the agency under former CEO Sarah Kramer. “Pathetic,” he says. “It is just pathetic.”

5381 Raymond Hession (CMR RMC 1962)  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


Father of Royal Military College cadet wants new investigation into his son’s …

“If I don’t hear from them they’ll certainly hear from me.”  Ron Grozelle – father

23160 Joe Grozelle (RMC 2005)   READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


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On 31 Jan 10 the participants of the Canadian Advanced Leadership Program toured the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. Amongst their membership was RMC ’82 alum John Turner, ADM (IM) DND. Escorting the group was Chris Hadfield, also RMC ’82 alum and CSA Astronaut. A great chance to compare notes and catch up, having not seen each other since marching off the parade square at Grad.

The Advanced Leadership Program is the Government of Canada’s highest level leadership development program for senior executives. Participants like John are the equivalent to corporate vice-presidents and are preparing for the highest leadership positions in the Canadian federal government.

Chris is currently training for a long-duration spaceflight on the International Space Station, to launch and land from Kazakhstan via the Russian Soyuz spaceship.


One of our very first cadet e-Veritas “staffers”, 23227 Tyler Peitzsche (RMC 2006) and his wife 23534 Rebecca (nee Snyder)  (RMC 2006) became proud parents January 26th. Logan Benjamin weighed a whopping 6lbs 6oz.

The birth took place at the Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa. From all reports he is a very happy and healthy little boy, gaining weight quickly and already growing.

Rebecca is enjoying maternity leave while Tyler is back in Kingston on course.

Congratulations Tyler & Rebecca from your friends at Panet House.


Paul Bradley, a former RMC Paladin hockey player and 2009 Tommy Smart Trophy winner just had himself an All Star like season with Wilfrid Laurier University Golden Hawk.

Paul moved on to WLU this season and suited up playing for his former RMC coach, Kelly Nobes who piloted the Paladins for five seasons from 2001 – 2006.

Both the WLU team and Paul enjoyed a highly successful season. They finished their regular season schedule in fourth place. They start their two out of three play-off this week against University of Guelph.

The 26 year old (his birthday was last sasturday, 13 Feb) former star from the Alberta Junior Hockey League was attracted to attend RMC as a Special Interest Student by then Chief Hockey Scout  20771 Keri Kettle (RMC 1997). Paul left Kingston as a Corporal with the PWOR. He compiled elite scoring numbers while wearing a Paladins jersey. Ending up with a total of 127 points – 55 goals & 72 assists.

This season he exceeded his best single OUA season offensive mark with 20 goals and 22 assists. He will undoubtedly garner a great deal of attention for a first All Star team selection. Including a good shot at being chosen as an “All Canadian”.

We wish Paul, Kelly and the entire WLU Golden Hawk team a successful 2010 play-off run.

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Anna Oliver, daughter of Bill & Rolande has recently joined the award winning team of Peter Cook and Janis Duncan in the Office Leasing Department at Cushman & Wakefield Ltd. located at 33 Yonge St. Toronto, ON.

She is very excited to be working with such a high performing, well respected team. Anna’s years of residential real estate will complement her new position quite well.

Anna spent her formative years living on the grounds at RMC on Ridout Row (1987 – 1993). She also spent a number of summers working at the RMC museum and for the RMC Athletic Department. Over that time she forged many great friendships.

Former colleagues and friends from that  RMC era and beyond are invited to contact her. She can be reached: anna.oliver@ca.cushwake.com or 416-359-2641.

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