Ex Cadets @ Rideau & Currie Halls;1 off to Nepal

  • 7771 James William Leech, C.M. one of 50 Recipients invested into the Order of Canada

  • Currie Hall Site of Change of Appointment Ceremony

  • Ex Cadet Responds to Nepal Earthquake


7771 James William Leech, C.M. one of 50 Recipients invested into the Order of Canada

7771 Jim Leech is a model of entrepreneurial success and community leadership. His long business career culminated in his stewardship of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, where he introduced innovative pension fund management. He is a champion of pension reform in Canada and a co-author of The Third Rail: Confronting our Pension Failures, an award-winning book on retirement funding and our changing demographic reality. Committed to his community, he has supported initiatives in education, health care and the arts, as well as the Canadian military. He is now the chancellor of Queen’s University.



Currie Hall Site of Change of Appointment Ceremony

This past Friday, 8 May – a Director of Support Services, Change of Appointment Ceremony took place at Currie Hall. The soon to be departed RMCC commandant, 16888 BGen Al Meinzinger (centre) presided. He thanked, 18550 Maj Todd Anstey (left) for his service in the last year and congratulated him on his pending promotion, and welcomed 20041 LCol Corey Crosby (right) to the College Team.

A good turnout of college staff, family & friends were in attendance to witness the event.

More photos by OCdt 26267 (III) Erik St-Gelais – Here


Ex Cadet Responds to Nepal Earthquake

Recently, 20141 Major (Ret) Nathan Flight Class of ’96 received an unexpected email from an acquaintance in North Carolina, with a very simple question: “Nathan- I’m looking for a temporary security guy to assist in the Kathmandu Earthquake disaster response from 12 May until 10 June. Are you interested?

As many ex-cadets can well imagine, that’s the sort of question that gets and holds ones attention in a very tangible way. With zero hesitation, his wife and kids gave him the thumbs up, and his open-minded President at Master’s College and Seminary, released Nathan with strong support.

“My experiences as a career Army officer, with Military Police specialization spanning four operational tours, have prepared me to accept this task with willingness and minimal trepidation. The same can be said of my family, who are a model of resiliency.”

Nathan will be deploying with Samaritan’s Purse, an aid organization with a top donor record, and broad span of influence and resource base. Their main effort is to meet the physical needs of 30,000 households through the distribution of emergency shelter, food, water, and medical interventions.

When asked to explain his expected duties, he replied. “My role will be that of DART Safety and Security Manager, responsible for the operational-level force protection of the thirty-four member team. The area of influence and of operations will be within the capital Kathmandu and up to six adjacent districts.”

There are two forward bases (FOB) active at this time. Although thirty days is not long in the span of a complete recovery, many contemporary CF lessons (Ice Storms, Red River Flooding, and Haiti) have shown that this period is essential for those affected the most. According to the organization’s daily Situation Report dated 8 May, they have already delivered 56 metric tonnes of food to 11,000 individuals, 1,700 shelter/kitchen kits, and serviced 430 patients (including 43 surgeries).

“To those coming behind us, the serving cadets, it is essential that you realize you are from a lineage and ethos where service never ends. It’s in our DNA. Truth. Duty. Valour.”

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  • C Bramma

    May 11, 2015 at 10:43 am

    Thanks for sharing this news about Nathan’s role supporting international disaster response operations through and NGO. This exemplifies one of the many roles that experienced military officers can fulfil in times of crisis.