Ex-Cadets Win Tom Pijper Memorial Challenge Cup & More Sports

Red & White Sports Challenge

Article and Photos by s25819 OCdt (III) Yanga Zhu

On Saturday of RMC’s Reunion Weekend, cadets and ex-cadets alike participated in the Red & White Sports Challenge. The annual event saw the ex-cadets of RMC facing the College’s varsity teams in rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and water polo. First up was the rugby match. Both teams gave it their all but the ex-cadets came out ahead, winning with a score of 35-12

In men’s soccer, the handful of ex-cadets were mixed with the soccer players of the College and divided into two equal teams, “Red” and “White”. The Whites took an early lead of 1-0, and after a back-and-forth game the score was settled at 3-2 for the Ex-Cadet favoured team.

Both the men and women’s volleyball teams played close games in the SAM gym, and both eventually resulted in the cadets edging out their ex-cadet compatriots — 3-1 (Women’s) and 3-2 (Men’s) in favour of Cadets.

Perhaps the closest match of the day was that of men’s basketball. The ex-cadets secured a strong lead quickly and the cadets played hard to catch up. Despite their best efforts however, they were unable to close their deficit, ending with a final score of 58-57. In the next court over, women’s basketball took place. The cadets won the game with a score of 57-45.

To wrap it up, the competitions took to the water at the KMCSC pool, with an intense game of Water Polo. The Ex-Cadets won with a score of 10-8.



Rebecca Fielding Talks with OCdt (III) Riley Saliken – Varsity Rugby

I recently sat down with OCdt (III) Riley Saliken from Abbotsford BC. Riley is a starting scrum half on the men’s rugby team. He has one younger brother named Tanner. His current trade is Air Log. Here is an excerpt from our interview.

One special memory you have from Rugby was: It was close to the end of FYOP during this game and my coach yelled at me to stop getting into scraps with the other team because the CDS and Commandant were on the side line watching

My most memorable game was: When we played Queens and embarrassed them into uncontested scrums because they weren’t tough enough to deal with us.

One thing people don’t know about me is: I have travelled to 26 countries and still counting (backpacking)

Biggest Fear: nNt being able to switch my trade from Air Log to Pilot

Hobbies: Flying, travelling, drag racing, shooting, wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and of course rugby

Future Aspirations: Tactical Helicopter Pilot

Each week a different varsity athlete will be featured and their team highlighted as the season progress.

Rebecca Fielding, DCWSRO/CWSIO(W) Volleyball


Women’s Volleyball Team Does Double-Duty

Prior to suiting and playing against a team of Ex cadets members of the (W) volleyball tam were busy assisting the RMC club host the Reunion Weekend Luncheon at Yeo Hall.  The ladies took tickets and helped out thereever they could to ensure all visitors and in particular members of the Old Brigade who were dining experienced first rate service.

Following KP they headed to ghe gym and volleyball court. The ex-cadets were a strong opponent this year, with 5 CISM players on their side. However, the Lady Paladins came away with a win in 4 sets. The scores were 25-18, 23-25, 25-19 and 25-7 for RMC. The ex-cadets (cleverly named the Cougars) had a total of 8 players:

Lynn Tansey, class of 1991

Lorraine Lussier, class of 1986

Brenda Andrews, class of 2006

Claire Bramma, class of 2002

Leah Sherrif, class of 2007

Sarah Lemay, class of 2008

Kim Hymers, class of 2010

Jill Bristow, class of 2005

It was a great game to watch as RMC prepares for a strong season, continuing on from their successes of last season. With no graduated players and 2 new masters students, the Lady Paladins look forward to many wins this season and achieving their goals of placing in playoffs and continuing to the CIS championship.

The Paladins were a Class Act at both Yeo Hall and on the court!