Exciting News: Reunion Weekend 2020 // Nouvelles excitantes: Fin de semaine des anciens 2020


Exciting News: Reunion Weekend 2020

Reunion Weekend 2020 will begin with the RMC Club March to the Arch parade. This past reunion weekend, both RMC staff and Club staff commented at how impressive it was to see the ex-Cadets and alumni march to the Arch for a memorial service and to pay respects to their fallen classmates.

In 2020, the First Years and their families will experience first-hand that they are not just joining one of Canada’s military universities, but that they are officially a member of the RMC family. Faculty, staff, spectators and all the parents of the First Year Cadets will see first hand the ex-Cadets and alumni who continue to support RMC and will welcome the College’s newest members as they begin their military careers.

Reunion Weekend 2020

Thursday evening

  • Legacy Dinner

Friday afternoon

  • Obstacle course

Friday evening

  • Class dinners. Any class parties taking place on RMC grounds must be coordinated through the RMC Club.

Saturday morning

  • 8h00 March to the Arch
  • 10h00 Badging parade

Saturday afternoon

  • 13h00 Red & White Sports Challenge
  • 13h30 Wall of Honour Ceremony and Reception

Saturday evening

  • 17h30 RMC Club Alumni Party at the SSM
  • 18h00 Old Brigade Dinner at the Four Points by Sheraton


Nouvelles excitantes: Fin de semaine des anciens 2020

Fin de semaine des anciens 2020 cooommencera par la cérémonie commémorative de l’arc. La fin de semaine des anciens passé, le personnel du CMR et du personnel du Club des CMR a déclaré à quel point il était impressionnant de voir les anciens marcheurs se rendre à l’arc pour assister à une cérémonie commémorative et rendre hommage à leurs camarades décédés.

En 2020, les premières années et leurs familles constateront qu’elles ne se joignent pas à l’une des universités militaires canadiennes, mais font officiellement partie de la famille du CMR. Les professeurs, le personnel, les spectateurs et tous les parents des cadets de première année verront en personne les anciens qui continuent d’appuyer le CMR et accueilleront les nouveaux membres du collège au début de leur carrière militaire.

Fin de semaine des anciens 2020

Jeudi soir

  • Dîner Héritage

Vendredi après midi

  • Course à obstacles

Vendredi soir

  • Fêtes des classes. Les fêtes de class ayant lieu au CMR doit être coordonnée par le Club des CMR.

Samedi matin

  • 8h00 Cérémonie commémorative de l’arc
  • 10h00 Cérémonie de remise des insignes

Samedi après midi

  • 13h00 Défi sportif Rouge et Blanc
  • 13h30 Cérémonie et réception du Mur d’honneur

Samedi soir

  • 17h30 La soirée des anciens du Club des CMR
  • 18h00 Dîner de la Vieille Brigade au Four Points


Warm regards / Meilleures salutations,

Bill Griffis

Truth Duty Valour / Vérité Devoir Vaillance

16442 Captain (Ret’d) William Griffis

Executive Director | directeur exécutif

Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada | Club des Collèges militaires royaux du Canada

[email protected]

Class of ‘89

Our alumni are leaders / Nos Ancien(ne)s sont des leaders


  • Henri Cardinal

    October 28, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Why are we forcing ex-cadets coming to the reunion to get up at the crack of dawn to do the Arch ceremony at 08:00 on Saturday? If it is too demanding of the cadets to attend our parade on Sunday, we don’t need them there. We can ask a militia unit in town to provide us with their band and parade to the Arch on Sunday on our own.

  • Aus Cambon

    October 29, 2019 at 8:58 am

    Thank you, Henri. At my advanced age (we entered the Colleges in 1950) I now force myself to observe a cooling-down period of a week or two after hearing about some things that are happening at the College these days before having a say. But I could not resist sending a “Bravo Zulu” your way this morning. 3201 Austen (Aus) Cambon, Class Secretary, Class of RR’52/RMC’54.

  • Mike Johnson

    October 29, 2019 at 9:50 am

    Would a change in timing mitigate what will otherwise be an extremely long day….especially for those attending the Old Brigade Dinner on Saturday evening? How about a 1000 Badging Parade followed by the March to the Arch for the Memorial service.
    7761 MMJ

  • 4588 Bob Kompf

    October 29, 2019 at 11:08 am

    I’m not too excited because 2020 is not MY year to attend.
    However, I note that the offered Agenda lists the sequence of events, but does not mention the meetings of the Club or the Foundation. Maybe Mobile Ops during the March?!
    Perhaps I am experiening a “senior moment” but, while the sequence is IMPORTANT (like as in Operation Overlord) there does not appear to be a calendar date for “D-Day” – at least in the newsletter I received.
    Security?? Weather reports??

  • Bill Griffis

    October 29, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    One of the main purposes of the RMC Club is to take care of our Alma Mater. I’ve witnessed first-hand the effort put forth by RMC’s administration, faculty and staff in operating the day-to-day activities of Canada’s oldest military university.

    Most people don’t realize that even though Reunion Weekend planning begins in June, the execution of all that planning begins 2 weeks prior. RMC is comprised of 4 divisions each with 3 squadrons. That’s 12 squadrons of cadet section commanders, cadet flight commanders, cadet training officers, cadet squadron commanders, and roughly 250 first years not only adjusting to college life, but maintaining academic standards, fitness standards, bilingualism standards, and leadership standards.

    The training wing is coordinating parade practices and the support personnel are carrying out all the fine details such as setting up pennants, polishing brass, applying new coats of paint and attending to all those last minute things that always come up.

    RMC is more than a Canadian Military University, we are an icon. We set national and international standards with respect to how we train our young leaders. Therefore, when I was approached by the Commandant and asked if I would be able to support moving the March to the Arch from Sunday to Saturday, I said yes. I thought about all the support the RMC Club has received from RMC’s PSP organization, the Senior Staff Mess, as well as all the help the RMC Club receives from the Commandant’s office. As I said, I’ve witnessed first-hand how RMC’s PSP resources are exhausted towards the end of convocation, graduation weekends and Reunion weekends.

    This past Reunion Weekend, I was extremely proud to lead No. 6 squadron as we marched towards the arch. Most of my class of ’89 was in that squadron. We had over 500 people on parade. On our return from the arch, I ended up at the front of the parade following the Club’s new President, John McManus and Gerry Stowe, Adjutant of the Old Brigade. I could see the pride and honour in the eyes of the RMC cadets lining the parade route. As we marched onto the parade square, you could feel the sense of pride seeing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years waiting for us. It was a powerful moment.

    Next year, on Saturday, 19 September 2020, this positive, powerful energy will kick-off Reunion Weekend. Over 500 cadets will return from the arch to the parade square in front of RMC faculty members, RMC staff, RMC family and friends, and most importantly, the parents of approximately 250 new recruits who will be joining the Cadet Wing.

    Yes, we will have to get up a little bit earlier on Saturday morning. However, for the record, I was not the first one to arrive at Panet House for this year’s March to the Arch. When I arrived at 7:00 am, there were already a few members of the Old Brigade hanging around, drinking coffee and catching up.

    As we get closer to the date, timings will tighten up, but yes, you will have to plan on arriving at RMC between 7:30 – 7:45 am. If this means that Panet House should plan on having more coffee, tea, muffins, and/or breakfast burritos available – we can certainly do this. The bus that will transport those ex-cadets and their partners to the arch will show up in front of the Old Gym at around the same time. At 8:15 am, the Adjutant will call markers. If this past year is any indication, we will most likely step off at 8:30 am towards the arch. I am working closely with the Commandant’s office and his staff as we prepare to implement this change. I am also working closely with Mary Darlington whose corporate knowledge of all things RMC Club is invaluable to me.

  • Henri Cardinal

    October 29, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    I don’t see why we need to pack in all those activities in one day. I know it is done that way at CMR St-Jean, but they don’t have a memorial service at the Arch. They just have a group picture of all attendees with the recruit class at the monument at the college entrance. Are we really so much of a bother, once a year at the College?
    Henri Cardinal

  • 3334 Dave Wightman

    October 29, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    I’m sorry but this is just a bad idea. A roughly 6AM wake-up call for Ex-Cadets to march to the Arch is going to result in many of the Old Brigade and plenty of the older Ex-Cadets and their spouses deciding not to participate in what is the highlight event of the weekend. And I for one would not bother making the trip to Kingston at all if I could not attend the Arch ceremony. This year I made it from Victoria to Ottawa but at the last minute could not make the trip to Kingston. We are fragile, we old timers. We want to participate but we won’t if it’s made too difficult. More breakfast burritos just won’t cut it! Please reconsider this change because the proposed Saturday schedule is too long and too arduous a day from 6AM to whatever time the Old Brigade Dinner and the RMC Club Alumni Party finally end.

  • 6776 Tim Sparling

    October 29, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    I am very disappointed to see the Ex-cadets sidelined once again. The weekend used to be called Ex-Cadet weekend and the President of the Club was the Inspecting Officer on the Saturday parade. Now we are not even accorded a morning of our own to hold our Remembrance service. I am astonished and angry that the Club, which is supposed to be the champion of the Ex cadets, has supported this change. Was this dramatic change discussed with Branch Presidents?

  • Bill Griffis

    October 30, 2019 at 11:40 am

    The ex-cadets have not been sidelined. In fact, this move ensures that the ex-cadets are brought to the fore-front of what Reunion Weekend is all about. It’s about us: family.
    In the past, the Saturday parade has always received National media coverage while the Sunday parade rarely receives even local news coverage.
    Also, in past years, the 1st years and their families did not get a chance to witness the RMC Club with its members and graduates from the former Royal Roads Military College and the former College Militaire Royal du Canada along with RMC graduates and soon to be RMC Saint Jean graduates form up on the parade square, march to the arch to conduct a memorial service, and return to the parade square because 1st years are always dismissed after the badging parade to go home and be with their families.
    In 2020, the emphasis will be on bringing those extended families closer together. The 1st years and their families will witness the professionalism, dedication, and commitment of the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada. We will be on display under national media coverage. The viewing stands will be full of all our supporters including faculty, administrative staff, and our family members.
    The RMC Club is not being side lined, rather we are being brought to the front of the line for all to see.

    Bill Griffis
    Executive Director, Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada
    [email protected]
    613-541-6000 ext 6699

  • 10531 David Casarsa

    November 1, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    I agree with those commenting that Reunion Weekend (Ex-Cadet Weekend) is poorly scheduled. It is supposed to be our Weekend and an opportunity to renew old friendships. Now it is cut by one day. My Class (1975) is entering the Old Brigade in 2020 and I was looking forward to an fulfilling event that now has a cloud hanging over it. I am uncertain that our being “brought to the front of the line for all to see” is a valid statement. Are we asking/expecting parents, spectators to be at the College seated prior to 0800 and attend two separate parades? Will the March to/from the Arch interfere with parents, spectators etc from seating themselves prior to the 1000 Badging Parade? Where is there time set aside for Class meetings? Finally, I am concerned about the decision taking process that led to this result. Who was involved? It does appear that Ex-Cadets are being sidelined, no matter the spin. Very disappointing.

  • Derek Lovlin

    November 3, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    Having overheard and participated in a couple of the conversations this past September about this possible change I am not as surprised as others might be. Your comments about the RMC staff and the time and effort they expend over the June to September season is very true and, I perceive, not well understood. I would, though, support Mike Johnson’s comments about a different timing perhaps being the compromise that would satisfy many. What about the Badging Parade at 9AM and March to the Arch, with first year perhaps parading to take up positions along the way ahead of us, happening later in the morning? I think the issues of class gatherings and Ex Cadet meetings is pretty much outside the RMC staff issues other than the Ex Cadets using some of the facilities. You have an unenviable position, but I believe a discussion about timing changes might go a long way towards acceptable solutions.
    9985 Derek Lovlin

  • Fraser Holman

    November 4, 2019 at 10:30 am

    With respect, I have to say the planned shift in the weekend is very disappointing, not to say offensive. The Sunday parade to the Arch is a critical element of the whole reunion experience, which requires time and focus to properly pay our respects to the sacrifice of our forebears. Squeezing it in at the beginning of a long Saturday of other important events demeans and diminishes its status and its value. It deserves the time and focus of its own stature. Half a day, not the early half of a morning. Please understand that this diminished positioning of that parade offends many of the alumni for which this weekend is dedicated.

    If recruit year and their families, and possibly some media, miss the experience, so be it. It is not their weekend. Or perhaps their excusal can be reversed. In my day the whole wing participated in this parade with no excusals.

    Please work to reverse this misguided decision before it is too late.

    TDV, 6541 Fraser Holman.

  • 12580 Dan MacKeigan

    November 4, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    The schedule is passing strange indeed. A logical sequence is Parade and Badging, Wing heads off to the line the route, First Years form up in column of route, march off, peel off and line the last portion of the route. Ex Cadets form up, march off. Job done.
    Start the whole day later as well.

  • John Jerry 12568

    November 5, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    Poorly thought out timing in all. This will also mean an extra day away from work for many, making it a non-starter. I’m surprised there wasn’t any polling. Bill, you didn’t mention this shift in dates when we exchanged emails a few months ago. What’s causing this? There’s still time to put this back on the rails; clearly this is widely unpopular.

  • Paul Fleet

    November 5, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    This new Ex-Cadet weekend plan does not seem to be well thought out. Decades of tradition thrown away. It does not seem to consider the impact on the older Ex-Cadets or Cadet families with this early parade start and long day. Ex-Cadet weekend reduced from two day to one, I doubt very much if the ex-cadets will be brought to the forefront as the Executive Director suggests because there will likely be fewer ex-cadets and spouses participating. Thank goodness for our class get together on Friday night. Hopefully there is still time for the Ex-Cadet Club to amend it’s position. As a minimum consider the scheduling suggested by Dan MacKeigan above.