Executive Director Position Opens Up: Conference of Defence Associations & CDA Institute

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I am sending out this short message.

After more than three very busy years at the Conference of Defence Associations and at the Institute of the CDA, I have decided for both personal and professional reasons to step down as Chief Executive Officer as soon as a successor has been found and a transition completed. This was not an easy decision, but one that I believe is the right one now.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with two sister organizations at a time of significant challenge and change, and I am immensely proud to have served with a small – but mightily dedicated – staff and many volunteers who gave so much of their time, talent and energy to deliver the very best program possible. I am convinced that their unselfish dedication has made all of us wiser, the Security and Defence sector more credible, and Canada a better place! Harkening to the words of Winston Churchill: Never has so much been done by so few for so many!

I am also very thankful to those who have given me the opportunity to serve the CDA and its Institute. I am particularly grateful to the successive Chairs of the CDA, Richard Evraire and Denis Rouleau, as well as the successive Chairs of the Board of the Institute of the CDA, Ray Henault and Daniel Gosselin for their guidance and wisdom. To the many others in the Security and Defence world, including the superb support from the Regular and Associate Member Associations of the CDA, the many sponsors, donors, research fellows and contributors, I thank you and respectfully salute you!

To the staff and volunteers remaining to carry the torch forward to brighter days for these two sister organizations, I ask you to continue with your stellar contribution! If you wish to stay in touch, after I leave my current post, I can be reached via my personal email at [email protected]

Very best wishes,

M50 Tony Battista


Chers collègues et ami(e)s,

C’est avec des émotions mitigées que je vous envoie ce court message.

Après plus que trois ans très chargés avec la Conférence des associations de la défense et l’Institut de la CAD, j’ai décidé pour des raisons personnelles et professionnelles de quitter le poste de Président/Directeur-général aussitôt qu’un successeur est identifié, incluant une période de transition. Ce n’était pas facile, maisje crois que c’est la bonne décision de quitter en ce moment.

Je suis heureux de l’opportunité d’avoir servi ces deux organisations soeurs
simultanément lors d’une période de grands défis et changements. Je suis
extrêmement fier d’avoir servi avec cette petite équipe extraordinaire et dédiée du
bureau national ainsi que les nombreux bénévoles qui ont donné beaucoup de leur
temps, talents et énergie pour offrir le meilleur programme possible. Je suis
convaincu que leur dévouement généreux a contribué à notre sagesse, a rendu le
secteur de la sécurité et de la défense plus crédible, puis a fait du Canada un meilleur
endroit ! Pour évoquer les dires de Winston Churchill : jamais autant n’a été fait par un
si petit groupe pour tant de gens !

Je suis également très reconnaissant à ceux qui m’ont donné l’occasion de servir la
CAD et son Institut. J’aimerais tout particulièrement remercier le Président de la CAD,
Denis Rouleau, et son prédécesseur, Richard Evraire, ainsi que le Président du Conseil
de l’Institut de la CAD, Daniel Gosselin, et son prédécesseur, Ray Henault, pour leurs
conseils judicieux. Je suis également reconnaissant envers les nombreuses autres
personnes dans le domaine de la Sécurité et de la Défense, y compris le support
superbe des associations membres régulières et associées de la CAD, ainsi que les
nombreux commanditaires, donateurs, chargés de recherche et collaborateurs. Je vous
remercie tous et je vous salue respectueusement!

Pour le personnel et les bénévoles restant, qui porteront le flambeau de l’avant vers des
jours plus lumineux au nom de ces deux organisations soeurs, je vous demande de
continuer avec votre contribution stellaire !

Si vous souhaitez rester en contact, une fois que je quitte mon poste, vous pouvez
toujours me joindre via mon adresse courriel à [email protected]

Avec mes meilleurs voeux,

M50 Tony Battista


Executive Director – Conference of Defence Associations & CDA Institute


In its role as the ‘Voice of Defence’, the Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) represents numerous defence associations and organizations with over 400,000 members supporting the Security and Defence sector in Canada. For 85 years, its mandate has been to promote informed public discourse and advocate credible security and defence policies in supporting the men and women of Canada’s Armed Forces. The CDA Institute, which was created by the CDA in 1987, is an independent and non-partisan research institute. It provides relevant, authoritative and timely contributions to enable informed debate on security and defence issues with particular attention to those issues pertaining to Canada’s military.

The successful candidate will act as the Executive Director (ED) of the Conference of Defence Associations and the Conference of Defence Associations Institute. For more information, please peruse: www.cdacanada.ca and www.cdainstitute.ca. (S)he is accountable to each of the CDA Council and the Board of Directors of the CDA Institute for delivering results in accordance with each organization’s published guidance, policies, plans and business direction. As the senior full-time staff member, the ED is responsible for providing strategic leadership to achieve multi-year and annual objectives. (S)he does so working collaboratively with members of the two organizations’ governance and advisory bodies, a wide range of stakeholders as well as the staff and volunteers, in order to fulfill each organization’s mandate and objectives while continuously promoting revenue and organizational growth.

Candidates will have a demonstrable ability to lead and manage a talented team of full and part-time employees, as well as a growing and diverse group of volunteers in the not-for-profit sector, to achieve and excel. Attributes will include understanding of financial management, all facets of strategic communications and media engagement, knowledge of Board/Executive Council governance dynamics, experience with developing strategies and business plans, fundraising and revenue generation, and a strong track record of building relationships and connections across diverse groups of stakeholders. Strengths desired include an understanding of the Canadian defence and security stakeholders, relationships with defence industry executives, and an ability to communicate effectively in both of Canada’s official languages.

To learn more about this exceptional leadership opportunity contact Rick Morgan at Morgan Leadership Search, 613-566-7035 or email your cv and letter of introduction in, confidence, to [email protected]

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