In 1990, The Canada’s Outstanding CEO of the YearTM award program was founded. Its purpose is to identify and provide recognition for outstanding leadership and achievement by a Canadian Chief Executive Officer. The call for nominations for the 2008 award is now officially open. The nominee must currently be the CEO of the company based in Canada and must have been in the role of CEO for five or more years.



2007 was a busy year for a number of Ex Cadets in the National Security Studies Programme (NSSP) at Canadian Forces College in Toronto.

The NSSP prepares selected officers for strategic leadership responsibilities in the development, direction and management of national security and defence policy.


  • 10041 Colonel David Sanschagrin(CMR RMC ’74) “Values and interests in Canadian foreign policy: a social psychological perspective” 10041 Col David Richard Sanschagrin (CMR RMC 1974), Deputy Chief Of Staff Medical Operations at Canadian Forces Health Services Group Headquarters was deployed to Afghanistan as the Medical Director.


  • 12956 Colonel Jose Gendron (CMR RMC ’82) “Cultural awareness: essential policy tool in the emerging strategic environment.” Col Gendron is currently Director Land Command and Information.



  • 15706 Colonel Paul Wynnyk (RRMC RMC ’86) “Emperor has no clothes: strategic and institutional foundations of Canada’s 3D approach to intervention.” Colonel Wynnyk was appointed Director General Military Engineering/Chief Military Engineer in August of 2007.



  • 15307 Captain (ret`d) André Fillion (CMR RMC ’86) “Integration of defence civilians within the defence team: How far can we go?”
  • 13991 Colonel Fred Bigelow (RRMC ’83) “Military HR Strategy 2020: Ignoring the People Challenges of the Future.” Col Bigelow returned to Comox in June 2007 as the 19 Wing Commander.



  • 15163 Captain(Navy) Mark Norman (RRMC ’85) “Reinforcing sovereignty with values: Canada’s mission in Afghanistan through the lens of national interests.” Capt(Navy) Norman assumed his duties as Director Strategy in the Chief of Force Development (CFD) organization in July 2007.



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