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What ever happened to……
gagnon.jpg6715 Yvan Gagnon entered CMR in 1961 and graduated from RMC in 1965. His best memories from Military College time: “Hockey team with an average of 2.5 + points a game… Good times with Bernie and Suds on a very productive line!”

He only spent two years in the military following his departure from RMC. It was, after all – the 1960s. When he left the RCAF his case made it to the Federal Cabinet… Bilingualisim was not quite there at the time!

Yvan quickly went back to school after taking off his uniform:

MA International relations, Laval University. PhD Political Science, ( Political Theory, Internationa Relations and Public Administration) University of California. Post Doctoral studies, Universite de Geneve et Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales, Geneva, Switzerland.

Among his highlights: He published 2 books: The Teory and Practice of Public Policy-Making in Canada, Metapolicymaking, Mellen Press, Lewingston, NY 1995 and Making Sense of Politics… Anytime, Anywhere. Kashtan Press, Kingston, 2005

Professionally: Professor of Political science at RMC from 1972 until 2002.

He married Alice Ferraris in 1967 and they have three children and two grand daughters!

Dr. Gagnon kept playing “staff” hockey at RMC until he was 50! But needed 2 new knees two years ago and a new shoulder soon! Also, traveling the world since retirement… Visited only 60 countries so far, but Alice and Yvan are not done yet!

“In 35 years in the system, I have witnessed many chances of unequal values!”


brown.jpg7637 D.O.C. (Ches) Brown was the Cadet Wing Commander (CWC) on the RMC graduation parade in 1968. The multi talented young man from Cochrane earned a well deserved reputation as a high achiever during his four years at the college.

A few of the long list of his honours and involvement are: crossed swords and crown (the highest award in military proficiency) held for three consecutive years, Queen’s Canadian Sword, member of the J.V. and Senior hockey teams, World Affairs Club, several debating trophies, intramural football, softball, volleyball & water polo. His academic achievements were even more impressive!

Ches left RMC as a MARS officer. But not long after he switched over to Medical Services. All in all, he spent another 19 years in uniform serving Canada. He considers his best posting – Medical Liaison Officer CDLS Washington 1984-87.

Life after the CF? He was a family Physician in Kingston, (ON); Medical Consultant OHIP.

Dr. Brown retired from clinical medicine in 1998.

Professionally: He is the Manager of Payment Integrity Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Ches and wife Marilyn reside in Kingston.

His best memories from his Military College time? “Tijuana Mexico – what a place!”


hession.jpg7855 J Paul Hession commenced his Military College career at CMR in 1964 and departed RMC in 1969 with a Civil engineering Degree under his arm; on his way to a four year army career (1 year beyond compulsory) as a MILE.

He spent two years CFB Montreal (Longue Pointe) – and served during War Measures Act “October Crisis”. Paul also had two years on Faculty at CMR including Squadron Commander, Cartier Squadron and varsity Basketball coach.

His post military career: 20 years in business, plus 20 years in Federal Public Service VP Canadian Operations at Gandalf Technologies Inc, Director General/IT several Ministries. He is also the co-founder of three hi-tech startups.

Paul is still a “four seasons” jock. He actively participates in basketball, skiing, cycling, golf. He has remained a close follower of the sports scene at RMC. In particular he has been spotted in the crowd at many basketball games cheering on his old team.

Ex cadets from his time period will surely remember his ’61 Mercedes Benz rolling along the streets of Kingston. Paul also made lasting memories for his athletic skill: football, soccer, track & field, basketball – conference finalists,1969). Word has it he could also shred a great tune on a guitar!


sharpe.jpg8181 G.E. (Joe) Sharpe entered Royal Roads in 1965 and graduated from RMC in 1969. Joe had a long, interesting and highly successful military career. Among his career hi-lights: Squadron Commander, RRMC; Voodoo tours in Chatham and Bagotville; First Commandant of CF School of Aerospace Studies; 17 Wing Commander; Director Force Structures working for Gord O’Conner; last NDC Course; first DG Air Force Development; President Croatia BOI; Led CDS Leadership review of Croatia deployment; and Foster parent. In total, G.E. (Joe) Sharpe spent over 36 years in the RCAF / CF serving Canada.

Any Ex cadets from RRMC & RMC in the 1965 to 1969 time period who knew Joe will not be surprised that he has not slowed down too much – if at all!

Life after his CF career has been as exciting and rewarding as when he was in uniform.
Just to list a few of his recent and current involvements: Advisor to CF/DND Ombudsman on Operational Stress Injury; Frequent guest at CFC on leadership, command; Deputy President of Afghanistan Detainee BOI; Board of Directors Thales Defence Systems and Convergent Technologies Canada; Ongoing academic work with CDA and DRDC Toronto; Varied advisory committees with Veterans Affairs Canada as chair and co-chair; Conducting strategic planning sessions with a variety of DND and other organizations.

Joe takes great pride in learning about PTSD and how to help returning veterans. He is equally proud that his son 19048 GF Sharpe(RRMC RMC ’93) successfully went the “Roads” / RMC route through military college.

Best memories from his Military College time?
“Many – most related to the group of classmates and lasting friendships.”