Extra Innings


I year Kris Hicks and IV year Gavin Whynot block a Navy Kick

RMC hosted the inaugural Labour Day rugby tournament this past weekend. Teams included USNA, Concordia, Kutztown and University of Western Ontario.

The tournament is a Can Am affair with RMC taking on USNA and Kutztown (Philadelphia) on Saturday and Sunday respectively. This marked the 4th time in three years the RMC and the US Naval Academy have met.

“RMC uses the tournament as a tuneup to kick-start the selection of the team for the upcoming OUA season. The coaching staff uses these exhibition games to evaluate individual play and introduce the rookies to what is like to play at this level. This year RMC plans to use a minimum of 6 rookies in the regular lineup.In the two games played by RMC over the weekend, they lost to USNA by a score of 25-10. In their second encounter they lost to Kutztown University to the tune of 25-20

Coach McDonaugh was positive and had this to say regarding the two RMC games: “This week has been the first step on our journey this year. Great positives from our rookies, they played huge minutes and got better each half they played.”


Photo 2 RMC lineout vs. Kutztown
Photo 3 IV year Brent McIntyre offloads vs. Navy
Photo 4 Team Captain Gavin Whynot evades 3 Navy defenders

Rugby photos courtesy 13789 Commander Darren Rich (RRMC ’83)

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  • Earl F. Dewey,II CAPT,JAGC,USNR (ret)

    September 2, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    My son, MIDN1/C Kevin Dewey is the captain of and starting 9 for the USNA side this year. This makes the fourth year that he has played against the RMC side and it is a grand tradition. I have been priveleged to have been a spectator at the matches played at Annapolis. Last year I had the pleasure of speaking to the coaches add several players both at the RMC match and after the Army/Navy match that evening. I just wanted to take this opportunity to express the humble opinion of this retired naval reserve officer that the young men I met and spoke with and the coaches accompanying them were some of the finest gentlemen it has been my pleasure to engage in conversation. They are the very best servants of and ambassadors for the freedom loving people of one of the world’s truly great nations. I shall miss you in following years.Very Respectfully Earl F. Dewey,II CAPT JAGC, USNR (ret.) [email protected]