Family & Friends See It From The Inside…

Above: Families and friends gather for their briefing in Currie Hall, right, and via telecast in the New Gym, left. 

F&F Experience College for the First Time

Photos by 25687 OCdt (IV) Amelia Garton, 26346 OCdt (II) Daniel Ryan, and 25366 Mike Shewfelt

Article by WJO

Prior to Friday’s Obstacle Course, the College command team, led by the Commandant, BGen Eric Tremblay, and Director of Cadets, LCol Patrick Lemyre, and a representative from the RMC Club gave a “live” presentation at  Currie Hall with a “video feed” to the New Gym in Yeo Hall for family & friends (FF) of  the Class of 2016.Well over 500 people attended including Chairman BGen (Ret’d) Don Macnamara  and other members of the Royal Military College of Canada Board of Governors.

The one hour presentation was aimed at informing the family & friends of First Year Cadets of what has transpired over the past six weeks with their sons & daughters while they were coping with the introduction of life in the Canadian Forces and rigors of the First Year Orientation Period (FYOP).

More importantly, the audience learned first-hand the expectations of the life of an Officer Cadet over the next four years at the College, which will centre  around a program based upon four pillars: officership, academics, athletics and bilingualism.

The representative from the RMC Club talked very briefly on the role that the Club can play with FF over the next few years and beyond.

Above: Families enjoy some early morning hospitality in the Cadet Dining Hall.

The family & friends experienced College hospitality in other ways as well. They were treated to a pancake breakfast Saturday morning prior to the Badging Parade. This event saw a good turnout, and in anticipation of that, Cadets and staff were on hand at the event to provide helpful information concerning the College. The folks we spoke to certainly expressed their appreciation of the hospitality displayed by the staff and Cadets. Following the parade many of the same group were seen in the Yeo Hall Dining Hall enjoying lunch with their First Year Cadet.

Above: Family and friends enjoy the College hospitality over lunch time. 

e-Veritas caught up with more family members as they experienced the College, many of them for the first time. (Click to enlarge.)