Fencing: Anne-Lucie Bouchard Tries out Varsity

Fencing: Anne-Lucie Bouchard Tries out Varsity

Article by: 27472 (III) OCdt Eliza Bruce – Photo by: 27124 (IV) OCdt Mary-Anne Iver

The RMCC Men’s and Women’s Varsity Fencing Team had the honour this past Thursday of welcoming Ms. Anne-Lucie Bouchard, the wife of RMCC’s Commandant, BGen Sean Friday, to one’s of its regular varsity practices.

Anne-Lucie has been paying visits to numerous recreational and sport groups from around the college, to join in the experiences of a day in the life of an Officer Cadet. She found a special kind of challenge, charisma, and excitement amid the atmosphere of the fencers in their newly-renovated Fencing Salle in the Old Gym.

When asked how she enjoyed her time at the practice, she replied,

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“Spending time with the fencing team was a blast. Everybody was focused and working hard, and at the same time very friendly and mutually supportive. There was a great sense of team. I learned 2 things: 1) fencers are super fit with ‘legs of steel’, and 2) you can sweat ‘buckets’ in a very short amount of time under all the equipment!” Things that fencers are quite familiar with, and the ‘fencing legs’ are what fencers are best-known for, and can come in quite handy in tests of lower body endurance!

The former C-130 Hercules Air Navigator & Operations Manager jumped in with full enthusiasm during the practice, having been adopted by Women’s Foil for the night, where she took part in a vigorous competition-style warm-up, footwork drills,and learned the basics of fighting a bout.

The 1989 Université Laval graduate – (Bachelor of Applied Science, Mathematics and Statistics) also wished to send out a special note of thanks “to the coaches, captains and team members for making me feel so welcome and a special thank you to OCdt Belanna McLean, the women’s foil team captain, for suiting me up and showing me the ropes.”

She was grateful to add this singular experience to her growing repertoire of trying new things and exploring the many activities of college, for she also mentioned that “I have had the privilege to visit many of the clubs and teams and am very thankful for all those who made me feel welcome. I cherish every interaction I have with the cadets, coaches, staff and volunteers. I am amazed at the diversity of talent and am so proud of each and everyone attending RMCC. I am having such a great time and look forward to every opportunity ahead.”

Ms. Bouchard positive attitude is representative of the particular professional yet familial bond that is unique to the faculty, officers, military members/family, civilian staff, and student body at RMCC.

Her own hearty involvement and encouragement of the Officer Cadets is an illustration of the strong structures available to Officer Cadets. This is one of RMCC’s main defining factors, in addition to its quality of education: that it is small enough to permit interactions between the Training Wing superiors and the Cadet side of the house-professors, squadron/div staff, padres, PAG, mental health services.

The ever-present, friendly smile of Anne-Lucie not only serves as a morale booster, but is also a reminder to the Officer Cadets that even though stressors may be high, there’s always something or someone to inspire and improve the atmosphere.