Fencing as Physical Education

Fencing as Physical Education

Article by: Kara Mazerolle BKin, CSEP-CEP, FMS

When most people think of fencing at RMC, they likely think about our two varsity teams or our community fundraising programs called Cutting Edge. What most people don’t realize is that the sport of fencing is also part of the RMC Phys Ed curriculum for the ALOY (Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year) Program.

Phys Ed fencing has been running for four years since the ALOY program began. The classes provide students with a “learn to fence” introduction to foil fencing. The curriculum of the program is based on the Canadian Fencing Federation’s Armband program and the students are basically working on their Yellow Level Armband. Each class includes a high intensity warm-up, footwork drills, bladework drills and lots of swordfighting. The energy, enthusiasm and fun that happens during the class is outstanding.

The Old Gym, which is already geared toward the sport, is set up to accommodate the weekly phys ed classes. Students suit-up in fencing masks, jackets and protective gloves to wield their foils in a 75 minute period. After one month of fencing, the students can actually run their own mini-tournament since they have learned how to bout, score-keep and do basic refereeing. In a short period of time they learn to attack, parry and riposte their way to better fitness through a fun and dynamic sport.

The ALOY students participate in one physical education class per week and cycle through a variety of team sports, individual sports and sessions on health and wellness. The goal is to introduce the group to what the Canadian Forces has to offer in the realm of fitness and sports. In addition, it specifically gives them a taste of what they will be exposed to through the PE component as an ROTP at RMC.

The Physical Education department would like to thank Coach Patricia Howes for volunteering her time during a busy varsity season to the ALOY program.


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