First Year @ RMC–1949 Got our rifles issued today; mine was just covered with grease and it was a helluva job cleaning it.

Week 12 at RMC for 3069 W.A. McColl

Nov. 28 – 1949: The bugle band got practicing tonight in the Old Gym. I might get a bugle. We have 8 American style bugles and 6 drums. Went to the debate and enjoyed it very much. There were 2 girls from Queen’s and the topic was about paying college athletes. The basketball teams played Gananoque and won by a large margin.

Nov. 29 – 1949: Got a letter today, first one in ages. We were issued with our battledress style jackets and white shirts today. They will be fine for classes. Otherwise a normal day. The cold spell has broken and it is very wet out; most of the snow is gone.

Nov. 30 – 1949: Parade square was very icy today for drill, it’s hard to drill on ice. Wasted the afternoon taking down the obstacles. We killed time by having a big free-for-all fight between ABC flights and DEF flights. The hockey team (juniors) played Queen’s juniors and won 3-2.

Dec. 1 – 1949: This has been quite a full day. I invited Smith out for the mess dinner and we went over and got some shooting before dinner. The dinner was pretty fun and we drank to the king in port and tied the napkins into a rope and passed them around. Everybody had a good time. After dinner we went over to Currie Hall and Lieut-Gen. Simonds gave us a very serious lecture on the world situation, it lasted over an hour. Smith was a little aired with the place I think. Col. Sawyer called off the chem. test! He’s a swell head, probably getting tight tonight anyway. It’s now into December 2nd so I’d better hit the sack.

Dec. 2 – 1949: The new tunics or blouses look very sharp and it feels good to have a clean shirt and tie on. We got another needle in the arm, getting used to it now. Played a bit of basketball and horsed around with “the physique,” Paul Boivin, that is. Flunked the calculus test. Still cleaning up for the bloody Commandant’s inspection.

Dec. 3 – 1949: Got our rifles issued today; mine was just covered with grease and it was a helluva job cleaning it. Spent the afternoon decorating the reception room in the gym for the dance. Bob, Andy, and I went to a dance at Grant Hall tonight. I had a swell time, this uniform seems to help a lot. Met Frank Aravec and Don MacLean and another K.L. fellow whose name I didn’t know. Aravec drove us back out here. I’m runner tomorrow – so I’d better turn in now. Gee, I’ve got to get a date for the Christmas Dance…

Dec. 4 – 1949: Went to the early communion service, it was very impressive. I’m going to get charged for not blowing turnout on the upper deck. Six of us went to Major Brooks’ house for tea and had a very enjoyable time. Mrs. Brooks is very charming and we had good eats.

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