Flashback | Rétrospective 1976






The new old eighteen 1976

Standing (left to right): 11420, A. J. Stark; 11737, D. B. Baker; 11029, D. P. Wilson; 11437, D.R. Whitby; 11362, C.O. Garnier; 11742, A.R. Beveridge; 10949, M. W. Haché; 12229, E. S. Richmond; 10987, D. J. Pentney; 11819, J.W. Mercer; 11358 R. G. English.

Seated (left to right): 11340, R. K. Biggart; 11389, R. G. Marshall; 11751, D. B. Button; 11373, K. W. Jean; 11406, E. B. Robinson; 11441, W. F. Yee; 11433, G. D Ward; 11438, N. A. Wilkinson; 11557, C. R. Shelley.

Front (left to right): 11421, M. S. Stokes; 11398, R. J. Parsons.





Researched by: 25323 OCdt Kate Haddon

The cooperation and support from Clarinda Olsen and Suzanne Burt both members of the Library staff is very much appreciated.