colours.jpgThe consecration of new Colours (flags) for the Royal Military College of Canada was held on Saturday 29th September 2001. The current Colours were presented by the Hon. Peter Millikin, Speaker of the House of Commons, [Shown in the photo] on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen. The original regulation in the Canadian Forces stated that the consecration of Colours had to be carried out by a revered religious figure. Since the Royal Military College of Canada reflects Canadian society by its mosaic of different ethnic groups, cultures and faith traditions we believed it was necessary for this celebration to have a multi faith spirit. As such, the consecration ceremony included the main religions representedat the College: First Nations of Canada; Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Jewish; Muslim; Sikh; and Zorastrian. The old Colours were laid up for display at Kingston City Hall in 2001, and are on display there now.


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