Flashback: The “Intangible Spirit of RMC”

The following is taken from the 1948 RMC Review.

It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that we look forward to in September of this year to the re-opening of the Royal Military College of Canada. We are proud to print in this number of words of greeting to the re-organized College from eminent Ex-Cadets and Ex-Commandants. These words of encouragement will be echoed in the hearts of all other Ex-Cadets and well-wishers of the College.

As the new Commandant and Director of Studies were, in their earlier days, both Cadets and Members of the R.M.C. Staff, and the Staff Adjutant is also an Ex-Cadet, we feel that the College is bound to have an auspicious beginning. We know that from a technical point of view everything will be as modern and well arranged as possible and that the College will turn out scientifically trained young officers for the three Services, young men who have had the advantage of the latest knowledge and the best teaching available.

It must not be forgotten, however, that this is not all. This the R.M.C. has always endeavoured to do in the past but it has also striven for something finer – to turn out young men with a vitality and a sense of leadership, with open, active, unbiased minds and above all with a right aim; young men who would be a credit to their country in any of the three Services or in any other walk of life they happen to choose in addition to their prescribed military duties. They may not have been such highly trained technicians as the future graduate must be, but they did manage to acquire something intangible which helped them in after life and built up for them in the world at large an unexcelled reputation for thoroughness and reliability. It is this intangible spirit which we confidently hope and expect will be carried on by the new generation shortly to arrive at the College.