Flashback: What is your role at RMC?

The following article is taken from THE ARCH November 1981:


Have you been wondering what your role at the college is? Do you often spend many hours wondering just where you fit into the grand scheme of things at RMC? If so, then this test is for you.

Answer the following questions and follow the scoring scheme at the end to determine your position here at the college.


Why did you come to RMC?

  1. To play Rugby/Football
  2. To get the best possible education I could find
  3. To get the necessary military training to kill people
  4. To catch up on my sleep
  5. Do not understand question


What is your course program centred around?

  1. Football/Rugby (with a little academics mixed in)
  2. Chem, Mech, and Elec Eng (with a nuke option)
  3. Unarmed Combat, Military Studies, and Drill
  4. General English (with a minor in Rack)
  5. Do not understand question


What type of sports do you play?

  1. Rugby/Football
  2. Chess/Debating
  3. Judo, Wrestling, Drill, Rep Kill!
  4. I’m in the Club Physio
  5. Do not understand question


Why do you carry a briefcase to class?

  1. To carry my Play Book and my Sports Illustrated
  2. To carry my Calculator, Periodic Tables, and my Lab Books
  3. To carry ‘Mein Kampf’, ‘Guts’, and ‘Soldier of Fortune’
  4. So I only have to swing one arm on the way to class and to hide behind while I rack in class
  5. Do not understand question


How often do you keen during the year?

  1. I clean the mud out of my cleats every day
  2. Only when it doesn’t interfere with my studies.
  3. Every night for an hour-and-a-half
  4. Ex-Cadet, Christmas Ball, and Grad Parade
  5. Do not understand question


What are your hobbies?

  1. Football/Rugby
  2. Computer Games, Reading, and Nuclear Physics
  3. Tank Warfare, Wargames, and learning new ways to kill people
  4. Sleeping, Racking, and hitting the Pitt.
  5. Do not understand question


What sort of posters do you keep on your wall?

  1. Famous Rugby/Football Players
  2. Map of the world, Periodic Tables, Eng Graph Design Project
  3. Tanks, Planes, Battleships and the Commandant
  4. My room is so dark I can’t tell if there are any posters on the wall
  5. Do not understand question


What do you do in your spare time?

  1. Lift weights and drink beer
  2. Study
  3. I’m a mercenary
  4. I assume the horizontal position
  5. Do not understand question


What does your girlfriend look like?

  1. A Football/Rugby Player
  2. Girls, what are girls?
  3. Eva Braun
  4. Beautiful
  5. Rugby/Football


What are your plans for the future?

  1. To be a Professional Rugby/Football Player
  2. Post-Graduate Studies
  3. Kill People
  4. Deke my way out of the Forces and become a Civilian
  5. Rugby/Football


Scoring Guide

If the majority of your answers were ‘1’ you are obviously part of that group that pounds on the tables, grunts a lot, drinks beer, and plays Football/Rugby.

If the majority of your answers were ‘2’ you are socially inept!

If ‘3’ predominates you don’t have many friends. You have psychopathic tendencies and you are definitely Wing HQ material.

If ‘4’ is your favourite you are an all-round great guy. You know how to profit from the CMC system, and you like the good things in life like sleeping, eating, and deking.

If you answered ‘5’ to any or all of these you will likely be a successful officer in the Canadian Armed Forces.