Flashback: Who are we?

Do you recognize any of us?  Maybe we were in the same year at RMC.  Maybe we were your juniors or maybe we were your seniors. Maybe we wore you out during those first few weeks as a First Year…

Who are we?

a) 1988 / 1989 Civil Engineering class

b) 1988 Battlefield Tour

c) 1987 / 1988 RETP Cadets

d) 1986 Top Performers on the CMC Physical Fitness Test

e) 1991 Top Academic Achievers

Answer: c) 1987 / 1988 RETP Cadets


  • Ron Capern

    January 6, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    The only person in that photo that I could recognise was that OLD guy in the Navy uniform! Ed Murray was just a young fellow then – twenty years ago, but is probably pushing “senior” status now.

    It was good to see his (current) photo earlier in this issue of “Veritas”, as President of the Kingston Branch of the Club – still as handsome as ever.

    Well done, Ed.