25366 Mike Shewfelt recently had the chance to meet with Capt Sebastien Boucher, a lecturer in RMCC’s Military Psychology and Leadership Department. 

e-Veritas: How did you come to teach at the College…?

Capt Boucher: My experience is quite diverse. I first started as an Infantry reservist in Montreal and after having deployed in Bosnia in 2002 as a CIMIC officer, I finished my Masters in Industrial Relations and started working full time in SQFT as a CIMIC (Civilian Miilitary Cooperation) Training Officer. I worked as a Full time Class B until 2006 where I CT’d in the Reg Forces as a Personnel Selection Officer (PSEL). In 2008 I competed for the PSEL in the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) and was selected. After 3 years of work in that unit, I was posted at RMC to be employed as a lecturer.

e-Veritas: How does your military experience affect what you teach in the classroom and how you teach it…?

Capt Boucher: I found my military experience to be especially relevant in Organizational Behaviour (OB 301) where I can show examples of the concept seen in class. Moreover, the fact that I gained experience, in operational (SQFT) , tactical ( R22R and CSOR) and a deployed environment (Bosnia) is certainly relevant. Then, I always strive to work toward a balance between Theory and military exercise in order to get the students to understand the concept.

e-Veritas: What are the highlights of your time at the College, both the good and the bad…?

Capt Boucher: The most significant highlight in my young career at the College occurred this summer, with the completion of my 2nd Masters degree, while working full time. I should say that I am also greatly impressed by the intellectual vivacity and analytical skills demonstrated by most of the Cadets during my courses.

e-Veritas: What do you like about working with the Cadets…?

Capt Boucher: I like working with Cadets because it is a great opportunity to share experience and knowledge with the leaders of tomorrow. I have had great debates with most of the Cadets. In fact, I like the possibility to have discussion with them and to be challenged in my own point of view. I do my best in my courses to develop their critical skills and I am impressed by the quality of response I get.

e-Veritas: Is there any advice that you would have for the Cadets…?

Capt Boucher: I will encourage Cadets to experiment with different options and to look at different opportunities in their career. The CF has a lot to offer to promising people with great potential. Then, if they would like to be challenged they can try for Special forces (CSOR, JTF2’ CBRN), Human intelligence ( HUMINT), Conduct After Capture Instructor (CACI) or Close protection. Upon graduation, I will also encourage them to look at being intellectually challenged by registering for a graduate degree. either a full time program or a part time program.

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