Focus on Training Wing Staff: MWO Wallace Rideout, Training Wing Sergeant Major

Now that the busyness of FYOP, the First Year Orientation Period, is past, 25366 Mike Shewfelt was able to sit down with MWO Wallace Rideout, the College’s new Training Wing Sergeant Major (TWSM). 

e-Veritas: What are your expectations upon being posted to the College…?

MWO Wallace Rideout: My expectations of this posting to RMCC are somewhat high. I am looking forward to coming back to a training intuition after spending the past two years working in a cubicle in Ottawa with the Close Combat Vehicle Project. With my past experience of training young officers at the Infantry school, I believe that each and every one of the NCM’s a young officer comes in contact with during his or her early development is very important.

e-Veritas: What are you looking forward to about working with the Cadets…?

MWO Wallace Rideout: I look forward to working with the Officer Cadets at RMCC and I expect nothing but professionalism and respect from them for the NCM’s assisting with the training provided. I would also like to see the Cadets respect each other.

e-Veritas: What advice would you give the Cadets…?

MWO Wallace Rideout: My advice for the young ladies and gentlemen willing to take the challenge to succeed and embark on their professional careers through RMCC is to work hard and pace themselves. It’s easy to take things too lightly and also overdue things which could have negative results either way. Cadets should and must seek advice from the chain of command and even from their family and friends because it’s difficult always trying to figure things out on your own. I see the role of the NCM’s and myself providing advice to Cadets on the relationship between Officers and NCM’s.

e-Veritas: What goals do you have for the position you are now in…?

MWO Wallace Rideout: My immediate goals for the position of TWSM are very simple. I want to learn the culture here at RMCC as quickly as I possible. I would like to be an important part of the Training Wing and I hope to influence the staff and the Cadets alike. I enjoy getting to know the young Cadets and admiring how talented they are. I am very impressed with them to this point.