Foundation Support Provides Real-World Opportunities for Cadets

Debate Club Upholds RMC Reputation at UofT

Dear RMC Foundation:

On the weekend of March 1-3, eight Cadets from the Royal Military College’s Debate Club traveled to the University of Toronto to participate at the Leger Cup 2019 Debate Tournament.

Thank you to the Class of 1962 for their support which allowed our team to attend the Leger Cup debate tournament hosted at the University of Toronto. Every member that attended is very passionate about debate and this passion could not be followed without your support.

Although the Debate Club did not reach the quarterfinals, there were much close adjudication, and our teams were recognized for having exceptional decorum while presenting our arguments, something it was noted conventional university debate team’s lack. I know I speak for everybody on the team when I say that we are truly grateful for the opportunities presented to us by the donors to the RMC Foundation.

On behalf of the debate club, I would like to thank the Class of 1962 for funding this important developmental event.


OCdt (III) C. Robinson


  • NCdt Calum Robinson, Trip OPI
  • OCdt Kyle Canning, Trip 2IC
  • OCdt Malcolm Nettie
  • OCdt McCallum Armstrong
  • NCdt Damian McCracken

Check back soon for more photos from the Tournament!


Leadership Funding Sends Top Cadets to USAFA Leadership and Character Symposium

From February 20 to 23, two fourth year cadets were able to visit the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado as a part of the annual National Character and Leadership Symposium.  This worthwhile trip was sponsored by a bequest from the Estate of H2552 William Young.

Expertly organized by the RMC Department of Military Psychology and Leadership, the trip allowed 27242 OCdt Hélonie Brisebois-Vouligny and 27543 OCdt Colin de Grandpré to visit the American academy for three days.

First held in 1993, the National Character and Leadership Symposium (NCLS) aims to “[bring] together distinguished scholars, military leaders, corporate executives and world-class athletes to motivate and equip participants for honourable living and effective leadership”.

In this, it succeeded: the symposium’s presenters were dynamic and engaging, each delivering their own unique mix of research, experience and wisdom. Some of our favourites included Dr. Brené Brown and her talk on courageous leadership; Ambassador Swanee Hunt and her presentation on her efforts to limit the scope of the 1995 Bosnian Genocide by hosting emergency negotiations; and a motivating talk by Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright.

Your support to our Leadership fund will ensure that Cadets have the opportunity to attend activities such as the National Character and Leadership Symposium, and the USNA Leadership Conference each year.

27543 OCdt Colin de Grandpré, 1 Sqn
27242 OCdt Hélonie Brisebois-Vouligny, 4 Sqn

Deux élèves-officiers à l’Académie de la force aérienne américaine (USAFA)

Du 20 au 23 février, deux élèves-officiers ont eu l’occasion de visiter l’Académie de la force aérienne américaine (USAFA) au Colorado dans le cadre du Symposium national sur le caractère et le leadership (NCLS).

Sous l’organisation du département de psychologie militaire et de leadership du CMR et sous le financement généreux de la Fondation des CMR, le voyage a permit aux élèves-officiers 27242 Hélonie Brisebois-Vouligny et 27543 Colin de Grandpré de visiter l’académie américaine pour une durée de trois jours.

Inauguré en 1993, le NCLS vise à « réunir des académiques distingués-ées, des leaders militaires, des personnes d’affaires et des athlètes de renommée afin de motiver les participants du symposium et de faciliter leur apprentissage en leadership et en caractère ».

Les organisateurs du symposium ont visé juste : les présentateurs et présentatrices étaient dynamiques et fascinants-tes, et nous avons beaucoup appris de leur recherche, de leurs expériences et de leurs mots de sagesse. Nos présentations préférées incluent la docteure Brené Brown qui a parlé des traits moraux d’un leader courageux; l’ambassadrice Swanee Hunt qui nous a parlé de ses efforts pour limiter l’ampleur du génocide bosniaque de 1995; et une présentation vigoureuse du Sergent-maître en chef de la force aérienne américaine Kaleth O. Wright.

Nous remercions sincèrement la Fondation des CMR pour leur appui généreux, sans lequel ce voyage n’aurait été possible.

27543 Élof Colin de Grandpré
27242 Élof Hélonie Brisebois-Vouligny