From the Frontlines of FYOP: Week Three Gets Harder!

From the Frontlines of FYOP: Week Three Gets Harder!

By: 27829 OCdt (II) Dan Ortega, 1 Sqn

Here at RMC the First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) is in full swing, finishing its third week. This marks the second last week of FYOP and further prepares the first years physically and mentally before the demanding Obstacle course at the end of next week.

The First years have come a long way from when they first entered the college. They have progressed from learning the basics of inspection standards and college knowledge, to balancing FYOP with university classes.

By the end of the second week they officially met the second year cadets in their respective squadrons, who are there to help them with school and pass on general advice about RMC life.


At the beginning of third week, the first year’s performed the Passing of the Square, a FYOP milestone where the First years drill perfectly to the top five cadets and answer a question about college knowledge.

After the first years have Passed the Square, the intensity of FYOP kicks into the next gear; thus the dedicated FYOP staff become more detail oriented and set higher standards of achievement for their flights.

Consequently, deficiencies are rectified through more frequent physical activity and mental resiliency and team work is forced to flourish within the flights through tighter timings and more challenging tasks.

Thus, it follows that the morning physical training sessions become more intense in Week Three. Morning PT combines physical exertion with psychological challenges to strengthen the resolve of the College’s newest members. .

The Class of 2020 will need the lessons learned during FYOP to perform well on the obstacle course next Friday. . Naturally on top of the challenges Week Three brings, the first years are now managing homework on top of their other responsibilities.

As the third week drew to a close the First Years prepared for their major inspections, conducted by their Cadet Squadron Leader (CSL) and the final FYOP inspection performed by the Director of Cadets, Lieutenant-Colonel Renahan. In addition to this, the rest of the college, including the first years began practicing for Badging Parade, where the First Years will receive the RMC cap brass and formally become part of the Cadet Wing.

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