FYOP 2018: The First Week

Week 1 – Admin, PT, and Drill

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt 

For the Class of 2022, the first week of FYOP has been one of briefings, in-clearance, PT, and drill. On Monday morning, for example, they got their first exposure to the academic side of RMC when they met with their faculty advisors. As First Years have not yet picked a major, and thus do not belong to a specific academic department, they were instead split up into those intending to major in the Arts, Engineering, and Science. e-Veritas attended the Arts briefing where Dr. Abdelkerim Ousman and Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce introduced the First Years to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. As the Interim Dean of Arts, Dr. Ousman provided a general overview for the new Cadets while Dr. Behrisch Elce, as the First Year Advisor, emphasized the help that is available for the Cadets should they need it. “My job is to be here for you,” she said.

The Cadets have received their textbooks, been shown where to go at the College for various tasks, and put in hours on the Parade Square in preparation for Passing Off the Square (which is quickly coming up on the evening of Friday, Sept 7th.) Anna-Michelle Shewfelt was out and about on the peninsula this past week to record the First Years as they adjust to life at the College, come together in their respective flights, and prepare for the challenges that still lie ahead.

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On Saturday, 1 Sep – RMC First Year officer cadets participated in the Warrior Race: a competition that is designed to build teamwork and cohesion. The race incorporates several permanent obstacles of the RMC Obstacle Course, so it also acts as a practice run for the First Years before they run the course on Sept 14. The result of this race also counts towards the Commandant’s Cup, which is awarded to the squadron that performs the best throughout the year.

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