FYOP – End of Week One…

The smell of FYOP is in the air!

26659 OCdt (II) Danielle Andela – FYOP e-Veritas Correspondent 

From the parade square, to the dormitory hallways, to the slopes of Fort Henry Hill, one thing is certain; First Year Orientation Program (FYOP) is underway.

Most squadron members know the basic signs of FYOP, early morning wakeups, grey physical training gear, daily inspections; these are the things that every squadron member sees around the College. However for the FYOP cadets, life leaves little time to look around as they are put hard to work on their physical fitness standards, their room inspection standards and their overall deportment and dress.

Cadets in their first week of FYOP are meeting their flight mates, who they will be with for their four year journey through RMC. With their first year flights the Officer Cadets have been participating in many activities such as: early morning physical training, daily inspections, team sports and team building as well as drill practise. The first week is focused on coming to know many of the procedures and rules around the Royal Military College of Canada as well as finding the balance between the many military duties that RMCC Officer Cadets are expected to fulfil on a daily basis.

As FYOP continues the Class of 2017 will continue to face new competitions, challenges and lessons and they have many more exciting days in store!

What one candidate had to say at the end of Week 1

Joining the military for me, like many of my fellow OCdt candidates was mainly because a sense of duty and the wish to serve the country we love. Upon arriving at RMCC for the first time, immediately comradery between the first years candidates began to form. This comradeship was fueled by the unknown and anticipation of what lied ahead. The indoctrination period at CFLRS was a mild glimps of the lives, culture and brotherhood we are seeking. It was not until FYOP that this brotherhood truly began to form. Candidates have began to work together to achieve common goals and meet the expectations of the staff. Although FYOP challenges us around each corner, working as a team and keeping in line will allow us to obtain our final objectives, the obstacle course.

27090 OCdt Livingston, JS

Kaeble Flight

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Special thanks for Week One Photos to: Cpl Jamie Montgomery & 26659 OCdt (II) Danielle Andela