FYOP PT Program Receives Makeover: Education

“We still have that intensity, but we’re educating, too.” 

Article by 25355 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt

As anyone who has been through the First Year Orientation Period can attest to, physical fitness is a huge part of it. In years past, the physical training (PT) emphasis was primarily on very, very intense workouts. As Stephane Robert, RMC Athletics PE Manager explained, this year that’s changed a little.

“We still have that intensity, that sweat equity,” he said, “but now there’s more of an educating aspect to it as well.” This year’s FYOP PT is, actually, being directed by PSP staff for the first time. “We’re not just beasting the Cadets,” Stephane went on. “We’re really trying to orient them to the realities of physical fitness here at the College. We’re covering really basic stuff. We’re going over things like the fundamentals of movement, for example.”

This year’s FYOP PT portion includes a total of eight separate workouts including, again for the first time, a morning session in the pool. “We did their Basic Military Swim test with them and we got a feel for where they’re at,” he said. “That was a real treat for some of them, to get up early and go for a swim.”

FYOP PT has traditionally been run more by the FYOP Cadet Staff and, as Stephane explained, the Cadet Staff was a little unsure of the changes at first. “They were a little standofish,” he said. “But as PSP Staff we are professionals and we have the qualifications and we have that level of fitness such there’s a great deal of respect there. The Cadets came around pretty quickly.”

e-Veritas was out on the peninsula this past Wednesday morning as the PSP Staff put the Class of 2022 through their paces. “Sweat equity” was plainly evident as the First Years completed different body weight circuits and covered some of what they’ll need to do for their upcoming Physical Performance Test (PPT).

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