Gash is Back! Better Than Ever!

Gash Parade ’13: Go-Carts, Santa Claus and a Trojan Horse

Photos & article by: 25961 OCdt Ethan Strong (Click on photos for better viewing)

It was a bizarrely entertaining scene on the parade square last Friday (10 May) with the revival of gash parade: a tradition where the graduating class dresses up in costumes for parade practice.


There were so many great costumes I won’t even begin to explain… the pictures speak for themselves. The effort and interest that cadets put into this year’s gash parade shows the strong esprit-de-corps of the wing (and just what cadets can do with a little time and motivation).

Well done, Class of 2013!



Video by: 26346 OCdt (II) Dan Ryan

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  • MGen Al Pickering, CMM, CD (Ret'd)

    May 13, 2013 at 11:41 am

    When I was Director of Cadets in 1969, I had a parade on Thursday mornings, before breakfast. In those years, the DCadets lived in Panet House with his family. One morning, when I looked out of the window to see the cadets forming up for the parade, I noted they were not in their RMC uniforms but rather in a variety of costumes! Not to be outdone, I quickly put on my RCAF battle dress, pilot’s helmet, with a white scarf casually thrown over my shoulder and walked the back way to the McKenzie Building to meet the Military Staff before going on parade. They did not have time to change uniforms. Four of them carried me out , sitting in my chair, supported by two rails on their shoulders to the dias. The CWC was riding his bicycle and rode it up to report. I asked him to dismount, got out of my chair and rode his bicycle up and down the ranks to inspect the Cadets. The CWC ran beside me.
    What a great day! The cadets displayed great inventiveness in their dress. (This at a time when civilian clothes were authorized on campus for fourth year only.) Needless to say, the RSM, CWO McManus, (an amazing man!) and his drill staff had left the square when they saw the dress during form up – better away than condoning! I am happy to see that this parade is now known as the Gash Parade and is still going on today. Keep it up cadets. Well Done!!!
    MGen Al Pickering, CMM, CD (Ret’d) #2908.