Gash Parade & Incoming Top 5

 Cadets having a little fun on the parade square a couple of days before commissioning!


Gash Parade antics &

Incoming Top 5


“The second half of drill fest has been interesting to say the least. Due to many of the second and third year engineering cadets returning from their engineering tours, there has been an influx of people who had not learned the different drill movements, and while they were quick learners, the caliber of the Wing’s drill was understandably reduced. However, following a successful drill practice on Wednesday, drill fest was declared finished and the 4th years held their gash parade, complete with a horse and an ice-cream truck. Thus, I can honestly say that it has been a great way to end the school year and I look forward to returning again at the end of the summer.”

– 27829 OCdt (I) Ortega, 1 Sqn

A few more ‘gash’ photos – here…


“Drill fest take the many hours of hard work put in by RMC cadets and transforms them into two stunning parades. Both the sunset and commissioning parades showcase the cadets’ professionalism and dedication to the military pillar of RMC.”

– 27716 OCdt (I) James, 12 Sqn


Caption: Top 5 – for the first term Class of 2017 will be tasked to ensure that the morale within the Cadet Wing remains at a high level throughout the term. We hope to ‘interview’ them individually when they return before the start of the school year. Pictured (L-R) – 26948 Jinsu Yang – CWOpsO ; 27148 Emily Prosper – CWTO; 26825 Stefan Bobes – CWC; 26823 Chad Rodriguez Belanger DCWC; and 26933 Alex Parisien – CWAdO.