Gift from the Class of RR52 / RMC54 for e-Veritas

Greetings, Bill and Rolande.

In September 2014, our Class, RR52 / RMC54, enjoyed a marvelous reunion at RMC celebrating our 60th year from Graduation. We ran a modest deficit and we appealed to our classmates to help defray that deficit. They were more than generous and we ended up with a surplus amounting to just over $2,000.

A few of us put our heads together, electronically of course, about what to do with this surplus. We no longer saw a need for a Class Fund. Our Class Newsletter, initiated in the mid-1950’s and now distributed electronically, no longer required financial support for postage stamps.

We considered that this sum would not, on its own, have a significant impact on various RMC-related projects that we considered to be worthy of our support.

However, we are all well aware of your being in continuing need of financial support for e-Veritas. We greatly admire your passion for, and your devotion to, producing this exceptionally fine e-publication. Accordingly, we recommended to our classmates that we send the balance remaining in our Class Fund to the RMC Club, dedicated for you to use for the publication of e-Veritas.

We invited our classmates to weigh in on our recommendation. The many respondents to our survey agreed with our proposal. Unanimously! Many expressed sincere appreciation for being able to enjoy e-Veritas.

A money order for $2,194.65 is in the mail.

We hope this gift will, in some small way, help you in your continuing efforts with publishing e-Veritas. Of course, those of us who give you some financial support from time to time when you need it will continue to do so and we encourage others to do likewise.

e-Veritas plays a vital role in enabling us to reconnect with our past through learning about the activities of younger alumni and the cadets currently experiencing life in the Colleges.

Keep up the fine work and best wishes to you both for continued success.


Signed on behalf of the Class of RR52 / RMC54:

#3185 AW Aldworth #3201 AE Cambon #3235 RF Mann #3334 DP Wightman