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  • 3201 Austen Cambon

    June 20, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    Neat to be able to re-visit in Golden Oldies a photo of the RMC 1953 Senior Football Team which included seven of our mates from our Class of RR52/RMC54: 3086 Marv RICH, 3190 Ian BALLANTYNE, 3213 Sid GILLESPIE, 3240 Dave PALMER (QB), 3272 Ed CZAJA, 3273 Bob DAVIES and 3278 Chic FERGUSON with S/Sgt Fred McConnell and Sgt. Griesbach as coaches. The previous year’s team in 1952 was made up of many of the Class of 1948-52, the first Post-War Class at the College, with so many great players such as Dan LOOMIS, Terry HOFFMAN, Palle KIAR, Jim SINCLAIR, John WATERSTON, Joe LAUDENBACH, Bill FERGUSON and Joe PAGNUTTI. They had put RMC back on the Canadian Intercollegiate sports map and now these stalwart players were lost to Graduation. The focus for the 1953 season was the re-building of the team. Our mates played a big role in that uphill process. 3201 Austen (Aus) Cambon, Cadet Wing Sports Officer ’53-’54