Golden Oldies

Feature photo: RMC Christmas Ball (Dec ‘60) that was in National Geographic in Dec 1961


Aug 1991 – Mackenzie Building being struck by lighting

16461 Ian MacKinnon

RRMC 1973

RRMC 1993

RRMC 1983


CMR 1986


RMC 1964


CMR 1973


RRMC 1993





CMR 1983


A photo of the RMC football team during the Fall of 1948 when the college first opened following its closure during the War. The chap spoiling the photo by hanging from the goal posts crossbar is ……………………………………… yup, it’s me! Now, there was a good reason in my mind for being there in the photo. You see, my position on the team was what in those early pioneer days was called, “Flying Wing”. I don’t believe the term is ever heard in the Canadian football of today. Anyway, I decided that the flying wing should be flying in the photo. So what you see was my best effort at flying. Since that day I have matured somewhat.

2944 John Reid


  • Gordon Woollard

    June 5, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    I once had the pleasure of presenting an RMC swagger stick TO the RMC museumn via the late Ramsey Withers past CDS( he came to all our annual reunions(Royal Canadian Dragoon Association as he was our Sigs Officer in Germany 1957-59 where us Dragoons were wont to say that that was where he started his claim to fame) I found the Swagger stick jammed in alongside a Knights Templar sword in a leather scabbard which we were retrieving from the estate of a late member of the Order. This Gentleman had graduated from RMC and hisnumber being on the stick GenWithers was able to trace him back quickly and produce his wartime history which was quite fascinating as he was a Canadian Engineer who served in the British Army in India during WW2.