Grad Wishes from RMC Club of Canada

President`s Message to RMCC and RMC Saint-Jean Graduates

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Congratulations. You have successfully completed your respective stages of education and training, and it is now time to face a new set of challenges.

For those of you completing your education at RMC Saint-Jean, the challenge will be to continue your education in a markedly different environment, with its own culture, traditions, and physical setting. Integrating with your Second Year peers will present both opportunities and challenges, but I am sure the cohesiveness you have displayed while in Saint- Jean will be easily transferable to Kingston. Your demonstrated ability to work hard, play hard, and above all have fun doing it, will make you a valuable asset wherever you are assigned.

Pour les lauréats de Kingston, vous avez été préparés dans un milieu de choix au Canada. Les défis que vous avez rencontrés et surmontés, autant physiquement qu’intellectuellement, ont été nombreux et importants. Vos capacités ont grandi en conséquence et elles seront mises à l`épreuve plus tôt que plus tard. De se trouver parfois au bas de l’échelle n’est pas drôle, mais si vous montez cette échelle en vous servant de ce que vous avez appris au CMRC et si vous gardez votre sens de perspective et d`humour, le succès n’est pas garanti mais vos chances de réussite sont multipliées énormément.

Above all, if you have embraced three things as a result of your time at military college, the journey will have been well worth it, and they are:

Truth, Duty, Valour : Vérité, Devoir, Vaillance

9889 Bob Benn – President , RMC Club of Canada


Well done to each member of the Class of ’13.

Exams are over, the character and achievements of the soon-to-be graduates are now a matter of record.

As we post this, Convocation and the Commissioning Parade are merely days away. Permit us to wish you individually much success and good fortune in the chosen career ahead of you. Expectations are that you all will enhance the good name of the Royal Military College of Canada wherever you go.

We are confident that you will always talk and behave at the level one would expect of a military college graduate.

As our good friend Herb Brav from South Camp in the Sinai constantly used to say: Safety, Team Work, and always set the example high!


Bill & Rolande Oliver

Editor e-Veritas