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  • H2612 BGen (Ret) Mike Webber, Adjutant Emeritus the Old Brigade – Hospitalized

H2612 BGen (Ret) Mike Webber, Adjutant Emeritus the Old Brigade – Hospitalized

Adjutant Emeritus, Old Brigade – H2612 Mike Webber Hospitalized

Update we received from 5276 J. R. “Digger” MacDougall on: H2612 BGen (Ret) Mike Webber, Adjutant Emeritus the Old Brigade.

Ex Cadets who attended the Sunday march to the Memorial Arch this past Reunion Weekend; may recall the distinguished looking gentleman taking the salute when classes were departing the parade square (photo left). Mike was visiting a daughter in Florida when he had a coronary problem and was recently air evaced to The Montfort hospital – in Ottawa.

His long time friend Georges Gauthier sent along the following to H2951 Ramsey Withers, who then contacted “Digger”:

“Visited with Mike Webber this morning (Friday, 5 Dec). He is in the Monfort Hospital in the recuperation and rehabilitation section 4C room 418. He has a phone in his room (via switchboard). It is a lovely, clean and spacious (for a hospital), and the people there are helpful and cheerful.

Mike expects to be there for a couple weeks more at least. He walks around with a walker, usually accompanied by a staff member, and gets exercise sessions daily in the AM. He remains alert and talkative. I told him we were spreading the word and he wondered if the RMC would be informed. I suggested it would happen.”


  • Susan Gibbon

    December 8, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    Mike Webber was in Brussels Belgium when my late husband Larry Gibbon 5250 and I arrived with our 3 young children . He and his lovely wife Peggy made us feel so welcome . We ended up buying Peggy’s green car. It’s because of Mike we had our kids in all French local schools and thanks to him they all became bilingual including daughter Laurie Gibbon 16545
    Warmest wishes Mike for a speedy recovery

  • H2951 Ramsey Withers

    December 8, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Please let Susan Gibbon know that I have just read her response to Mike at the Montfort. He remembered the discussion about schools to the letter and sends his thanks for your kind words.

  • H 2897 M Gen Herb Pitts

    December 9, 2014 at 12:15 am

    Mike, I expect this will reach you somehow. I hope you are comfortable and well (considering!). You are much in my thoughts and memory of “executive days” when you succeeded Bill Bennett to fulfill the role of “Old Brigade Adjutant”. Well done then and thereafter!! Your example of devotion to the College has never diminished and I thank you for your service and fortitude. We all benefited.Best Wishes. H2897 Herb Pitts

  • Michael Webber

    December 9, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    My many thanks to all for your good wishes. I am able to keep abreast of all these comments through my daughter and the wonders of modern communications. I continue in my efforts at rehab and fully expect to return home in the near future.